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Universities for English Courses and Degrees

Becoming skilled in the English language can help promote career growth and opportunities in a variety of industries. From business to the communications sector, an English degree offers multiple benefits, and may even lead to a rewarding career in teaching. The primary focus of an English degree program is on literature, critical thinking, and public speaking; these areas provide a solid background in the history and nature of the language, and can also be combined with career paths such as business, education, journalism, or law. While earning an English degree on campus offers the opportunity to learn in a formal classroom setting, more people are enjoying the flexibility of English degrees online. Online English degrees can offer the same level of education as campus-based formats, but also encourage skills in technology and web-based interaction.

Why Choose an English Degree?

An English degree can lead to a variety of careers beyond teaching and education. Many business firms are looking for professionals in the competitive communications industry, and the internet also offers many options for English degree majors. Programs in English allow students to adopt a variety of skills including:

  • Critical thinking

  • Public speaking

  • Organizing thoughts, ideas, and expression

  • Articulation

  • An extensive knowledge of world history and literature

  • Detailed reporting and fact-checking abilities

  • Research and organization

An online English degree can offer even more benefits in the technology sector; since students who pursue a degree online have a chance to network and communicate over the internet, they may also be introduced to web writing with an emphasis on communications.

Career Options with an English Degree Online

An online English degree can provide a variety of career options in industries such as:

  • Business
  • Marketing or advertising
  • Public relations
  • Research
  • Literary review and publications
  • Publishing
  • Journalism and reporting
  • Teaching or Education

Benefits of an English Degree Online

These degrees offer students a chance to learn from lectures and presentations on their own time, and they can also pick up extensive online research skills in the process. The flexible format is ideal for students who are already working to gain experience in their field, and do not have the time to attend a campus-based learning program. The degree also offers unique benefits such as:

  • Collaborating and communicating with students from around the world

  • Easy communications via e-mail and instant messaging with professors

  • Learning in a self-paced environment

  • Learning how to use online research databases and libraries

  • Learning critical skills in desktop publishing, reporting, and online marketing

Choosing an Online English Degree Program

English degrees online offer a variety of benefits for distance learners and those who are interested in picking up strong skills using the internet. While most are structured with offline reading requirements, there are also some highly valuable web-based attributes of distance learning programs. There are two main types of online English degree programs available.

An online bachelor degree in English help students prepare for entry-level positions in education, writing, publishing, public relations, business, law, or communications. Career growth is an option in any of these fields, but may require comprehensive training and a specialized form of continuing education as a supplement. Students can learn how to examine literature and materials in detail, and apply various techniques in literary research. They learn how to convey ideas and thoughts in public speaking settings, and gain a strong background and understanding of the writing process.

An online master degree in English is a more comprehensive approach to the subjects of literature, writing, and presentation, and is best suited for those interested in teaching and education. The degree is also valuable for those who are interested in literary research or scholarly studies, and focuses on critical analysis, writing methods, and teaching styles.

Online English Degree Requirements, Standards, and Expectations

Students who excel in language, writing, creative thinking, social sciences, and humanities subjects in high school are strong candidates for an online English degree program. The degree requires basic knowledge in using the internet for research and communicating online; most of these skills can be learned over the course of the semester, and students will need an internet connection and the appropriate software to keep up with the basic requirements of the class.

Strong literacy skills and critical thinking will help any student succeed as they pursue a degree, and an interest in world literature and social studies offers a solid foundation for careers in the field. The online format offers additional benefits for those who need more flexibility in their schedule, and allows students to work on projects and conduct research independently.

Employment Prospects with an English Degree

Employment prospects and career opportunities look promising, especially for those interested in pursuing the field of public relations, communications, web writing, and journalism. Since career options are so diverse, salary ranges differ considerably across various industries. An English degree at the masters level can lead to opportunities in education, teaching, and literary research, while an bachelor degree in English can lead to entry-level positions upon graduation, and options for career growth after specialization within an industry. Completing the program may also offer opportunities to work on a freelance basis as an independent contractor in a variety of fields.


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