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Music Education Grants: Musical Theater Scholarships

If you are pursuing a professional career in the field of music, music theater or want to act or play music in musical theater productions, you may be eligible to apply for music scholarships and music education grants. Music scholarships are offered by many music and arts departments of colleges and universities around the country, as well as by private organizations that support music education and musical theater. Most music scholarships and music education grants are merit or talent-based, but some are also awarded based on financial need. Whether you want to be an opera singer or a percussionist for a music group, there are several ways you can get funding for your college education.

What Are Music Scholarships?

Music scholarships often fall under the category of arts and theater scholarships, and are designed to pay for a music student's tuition, books, instruments and other college-related expenses. A student who is an aspiring musician, is especially talented, or wishes to teach music as a career choice may be eligible to apply for certain types of music scholarships and education grants.

Types of Music Scholarships

Both private and public colleges and universities offer various scholarship opportunities and financial aid for college students. Some colleges offer a music scholarship for students who have declared a music major or are pursuing a performing arts degree. Examples of music scholarships available include:

  • Heidelberg College Music Scholarship
  • Iowa Scholarship for the Arts
  • Indiana State University Virginia Carpenter Music Scholarship
  • Loren L. Zachary Society for The Performing Arts National Vocal Competition for Young Opera Singers
  • Presbyterian College Music Scholarships
  • Music Academy of the West Summer School and Festival
  • San Francisco Conservatory of Music Scholarship
  • Rislov Foundation Classical Music Grant
  • The Bel Canto Vocal Scholarship Foundation
  • Furman University music Scholarships
  • Women Band Directors International College Scholarships

Some music scholarships require the student to perform at a competitive audition or make a presentation in front of a panel of judges. Others require submitting an audio tape of a performance and providing a personal essay. Students who are applying for a music scholarship or musical grant need to review all the details of the application, including eligibility requirements, deadlines and materials requirements to be considered as an award recipient. Some music scholarship and musical theater scholarship applications do require the applicant to submit a video of their performance, and to successfully complete an in-person interview.

Many music scholarships also require the applicant to submit an essay or personal statement listing their primary career goals, experience in music and musical theater, inspiration, examples of community service and related volunteer projects.

How Music Education Grants Work

Students who want to pursue a music career that involves teaching or research may be eligible to apply for music education grants. A music grant is similar to a scholarship except that it is typically awarded to students who want to contribute directly to the growth of the music industry or to teach at a school or university. Some music education grants are awarded to students who are involved in music-related projects, such as local music and theater productions, chamber music groups and performing arts workshops.

Many music education grants are awarded by private entities and community organizations as a show of support for music in the community. Grants typically pay for the expenses such as music lesions, college tuition, books and other education-related expenses.

Applying for a Musical Theater Scholarship

Students who are interested in an educational career or music career in musical theater composition and related fields can apply for a musical theater scholarship. These scholarships are awarded to music, arts and theater students who are especially talented and need financial assistance to cover the costs of their education.

The musical theater scholarship must be applied towards a music degree and students may need to provide proof of enrollment in an undergraduate musical theater program or graduate degree program in musical theater, music composition and related majors.

Some musical theater scholarships are awarded by sororities and fraternities at colleges and universities, while others are available from degree-granting institutions directly and private organizations that support music education and music in their community.

Students interested in applying for music grants and scholarships can find a number of resources online. Many musical theater scholarships, grants and other types of scholarships for music students are listed in scholarship databases, and students can submit their application directly online.


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