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Online MBA and Distance Learning Programs

In today's highly competitive business industry, the need for managers and experienced business professionals is growing at a rapid rate. An MBA degree allows business professionals to learn the necessary skills and knowledge at the executive level, taking on roles in business management, organizational leadership, human resource management, and even health administration. A distance learning MBA allows prospective students to take classes at their own pace, and continue working while completing their master's degree courses. An MBA degree allows professionals to climb up the career ladder faster, and continue on a rewarding career path in their chosen industry and specialization. Online MBA programs offer several advantages for working professionals, stay at home parents, or those that simply need more flexibility in their schedules.

Why Pursue an MBA Degree?

An MBA degree is a postgraduate degree that focuses on business theory, management principles, and real world business applications. Almost all students pursue this advanced degree for increased salary opportunities and career growth. Whether it is completed online or offline, an MBA degree program opens up many opportunities and job options beyond an undergraduate degree or high school diploma. A student may choose to complete the degree for positions in senior management, executive and supervisory positions, director of operations, and roles in the area of strategic and risk management. With the increasing demand for well-trained and intelligent professionals in business, more and more students are continuing their education to fill these attractive positions.

An MBA degree holds great value around the world, and most programs can be completed in under 13 months. An MBA program was once offered as a full time educational program, but today more and more students are taking their courses on a part-time basis. Online programs provide increased flexibility to complete the degree in a very short period of time, and many working professionals are finding more value in completing their MBA online.

Advantages of a Distance Learning MBA

A distance learning MBA offers several advantages over a classroom setting. Not only can students take part in a unique and dynamic learning environment, but they can also work with other business professionals from around the world—all from the comfort of their home or office. It allows students to collaborate on a variety of projects and correspond with professors and mentors when needed. Students can pick up essential research and reporting skills, and make use of a variety of innovative web tools and technology to enhance their learning. The program may include discussion forum participation, group projects that require online collaboration, and independent study projects that require extensive online research. Other benefits include:

  • Flexible schedules and ability to accommodate for weekly assignments
  • Using innovative web tools and technology for communication (e.g. instant messaging, chat rooms, discussion forums, video conferencing)
  • Ability to download lecture notes, materials, and assignments
  • Independent work study environment
  • Access to MBA online libraries and research databases

Online MBA Program Courses

Online MBA program degrees are designed to be in-depth and focused on a specific concentration. An MBA school generally offers a general business administration degree, along with concentrations in:

  • Accounting
  • Management
  • E-Commerce
  • Human Resources
  • Operations
  • Strategic/Risk Management
  • Global Management
  • Technology Management
  • Entrepreneurship

Courses include marketing, leadership, innovation, finance, and other specializations depending on the degree. An online education is very similar to a campus-based setting except that students can download, complete and submit coursework from home.

What to Expect with an MBA Distance Learning Program

A distance learning program allows students to work in a virtual environment where they can take part in business simulations, research projects, and correspond with mentors and business coaches from around the globe. Students who are naturally self-motivated, independent thinkers, and enjoy working on their own schedule are well-suited for such a program.

Completing an online MBA program opens up countless career opportunities and potential for growth. Business professionals and executives who do not have an MBA degree are not generally offered top-level managerial positions or provided with room for growth in their careers. The degree program can be designed to specialize in fields such as marketing, finance, government jobs, and entrepreneurship.

An MBA distance learning program specializing in marketing allows students with theoretical knowledge about marketing, along with practical skills to design, promote, and build extensive marketing campaigns. A program specializing in finance allows professionals to learn specific techniques and knowledge to analyze the financial markets and create accurate projections. Government agencies are constantly looking for graduates who can supervise their organizations and use both internal and external leadership skills for various initiatives. Non-profit agencies also look for MBA school graduates who can help with organizational development and leadership. Programs designed for entrepreneurship allow students to start their own businesses, providing extensive skills and resources for successful enterprises in their chosen field. All MBA distance education programs enable students with essential skills to be competitive in today's global marketplace.

How to Be Successful with an MBA Degree Online

Completing a degree online requires self-discipline and motivation, and students who choose to enroll in an online MBA degree program need to make time for study, research, and project development. Being successful with any online degree program requires daily diligence and basic project management skills. Assignments are generally posted at the beginning of each week, and students must participate in online discussion groups, forums, and even chat room sessions to keep up with various projects. In most cases, each student is also assigned a case study or larger project to be completed over the course of the program. This may require additional research, business profiling, interviewing, and studying trends and reports. Communication with professors and students is critical to success, and students who are successful with their online education can benefit from both daily and weekly communications with virtual classmates.

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