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Georgia Private Schools

Private schools in greater Atlanta and many private schools in Georgia have very high standards of education and foster an environment that challenges students academically, socially, physically and in some cases, spiritually. Students are taught to excel in their studies and are fully prepared for the college experience. Some private schools are faith-based organizations, and integrate a number of religious activities, workshops and prayer into the daily and weekly curriculum requirements.

Attending Private Schools in Georgia

Many private schools in Georgia are faith-based organizations, but others offer curriculum that are not based on religion and offer a more liberal arts education with an emphasis on training and preparing for university. Many schools focus on excellence, building character, and ensuring that the student has a well-rounded educational experience.

Students can expect the following:

  • A progressive education designed to serve as a college preparatory experience
  • Emphasis on personal accountability, honor and academic integrity
  • A wide range of academic, athletic and artistic activities integrated into the educational program
  • Constant contact with faculty and staff
  • Personal growth opportunities
  • An environment that fosters scholarship and life-long learning

Students develop a strong sense of responsibility to themselves and fellow students. They are often required to participate in civic and community service programs where they can develop stronger social skills and become responsible citizens and leaders in their communities.

Accreditation for Private Schools in Atlanta

Even though the Georgia Department of Education does not accredit private schools, it does abide by the Georgia Private School Tax Credit that allows eligible private citizens and corporations to receive tax credits for any donations made to the Georgia Student Scholarship Organizations (SSOs). Some of the organizations that accredit private schools in Atlanta include:

  • Georgia Accrediting Commission
  • Southern Association of Colleges and Schools
  • Georgia Association of Christian Schools
  • Georgia Private School Accreditation Council
  • Association of Christian Schools International
  • Accrediting Commission for Independent Study
  • Southern Association of Independent Schools
  • Georgia Independent School Association

Private schools that have been accredited by an accrediting organization monitor the school's performance and ensure that each private school is adhering to high standards. Many of these accrediting organizations also offer scholarship programs, and some recognize graduates for college entrance into the Georgia university system.

Types of Private Schools in Greater Atlanta

Many of these schools are designed for Catholic students and those who are interested in a Christian education. However, a number of private schools do accommodate for students of all faiths and offer an educational program for students who want to attend college or university in Georgia and other parts of the country. Some of the leading private schools in greater Atlanta include:

  • Atlanta International School
  • Paideia School
  • St. Pius X Catholic High School
  • Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic School
  • Southwest Atlanta Christian
  • The Westminster Schools
  • Morehouse College
  • Marist School
  • The Howard School
  • St. Jude the Apostle Catholic School
  • The Heiskell School
  • Woodward Academy

Admissions Process for Private Schools in Atlanta

The admissions process can be very competitive and students may be required to pass rigorous academic tests, successfully complete several interviews, and provide letters of recommendation in order to be considered for attendance.

All private schools in greater Atlanta have their own admissions process, but there are several admissions requirements that are similar across all of the leading schools. Students will need to do the following:

  • Complete a paper or online application
  • Pass an SSAT test for Grades 6 and above (depending on school)
  • Complete an interview
  • Take a tour of the private school campus
  • Prove that they can pay the tuition costs
  • Show a strong track record of academic performance

Schools that are members of the Atlanta Area Association of Independent Schools share a common calendar for admissions and will notify candidates if they have been accepted, wait listed or denied within a certain time frame. The notification date is usually during the first week of April each year.

Other private schools in Georgia may operate under a different admissions calendar and will notify the candidates by telephone, online or via regular mail. In most cases, the school will not release the decision by phone.


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