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Grad School

Advanced degrees are quickly becoming a necessity for career advancement and career growth, and graduate school degrees are a valuable addition to any resume. Graduate schools around the country help students gain real-world experience and rigorous training in their field, helping them obtain high-level and managerial positions in their chosen field of study. An online graduate degree is a valuable option for students interested in completing their studies from a distance. Online programs allow students to complete their education from a distance, and are flexible enough to accommodate the schedules of working professionals or even stay at home parents. Applying for a graduate program can be a lengthy process in itself, and students should plan on sending in applications, or doing research at least 1-2 years in advance. Graduate programs are a necessary step for any professional or executive who is interested in furthering their career. From medicine to business, advanced degrees are quickly becoming the standard.

What do Graduate Schools Offer?

Graduate schools offer comprehensive training in a particular specialization. This intensive training allows students to become experts in their field, and graduate programs are designed to help students gain a well-rounded education, along with real-world experience through direct application. Students have an opportunity to work on team and group projects, learn key leadership skills, work on their professional development, and earn positive references and recommendations from their mentors and peers. The goal of most programs is to provide students with a higher level of education, skills, and knowledge than the average undergraduate degree. Students who specialize within their field have more job opportunities, higher salary offers, and a higher rate of advancement.

What Type of Graduate Degrees Are Available?

Graduate degrees are available across a variety of disciplines including:

  • Business

  • Law

  • Medicine

  • Engineering

  • Education

  • Science

  • Library and Information Studies

  • Social Sciences and Humanities

  • Health

  • Public Affairs

  • Fine Arts

A Master's of Business Administration (MBA) is one of the most popular graduate programs available, and students who complete an MBA program from a recognized and accredited school are offered more attractive positions within their field. Students who pursue a program in law, medicine, or engineering also have many opportunities for advancement and can look forward to a rewarding and lucrative career. Other programs allow students to take on managerial, supervisory, and even teaching positions within their field. Many students continue on to the next level of studies with a doctorate or Ph.D program.

What Can I Expect from Graduate Study Programs?

Graduate study programs are intensive educational programs that can be completed in as little as 12-18 months. Students who enjoy learning and applying real-world experience and skills benefit most from various programs, and those who need a flexible schedule may pursue an online degree. Online programs allow students to work at their own pace and from the comfort of their home or office. Most students who complete their graduate study online do not even set foot in a classroom. Instead, these programs are designed for complete delivery over the internet. Students are expected to communicate with professors via e-mail, discussion forums, and even instant messaging throughout the graduate degree program, and they may also work with other students in a virtual classroom on group assignments and projects. Graduate programs are becoming more accessible to thousands of students around the world, and an online degree offers the same value as a campus-based program.

Many top schools are now offering some of their graduate programs in an online platform. Online programs are ideal for students who work full time.

Students who are highly motivated to advance in both their professional and educational careers benefit most from a graduate education. Graduate degree program requirements vary by school and area of study, but all students must have completed an undergraduate education from an accredited institution before applying.

Training and Requirements for Graduate Programs

Graduate programs are intensive and require a significant time commitment for successful completion. An online program presents its own set of challenges, and students need to learn key project management skills to keep up with assignments, projects, lectures, and class participation. Applying for a graduate program can be a lengthy process in itself, and students should plan on sending in applications and doing research at least 1-2 years in advance. School requirements, restrictions, and other information can be found on each college or university's website, and students need to review a variety of education requirements before applying.

Accreditation for Graduate School Degrees

Graduate school degree programs are accredited by both national and regional accrediting institutions, and students need to confirm that their selected graduate degree program has been accredited by a nationally recognized party. Accreditation is important for both employers and future colleges and universities; appropriate accreditation ensures that the student has received a quality education.

Choosing the Right Graduate Degree Program

Choosing the right program can be overwhelming, but there are a few questions to ask before sending in the final application. First, it's important to find the right academic fit. Finding out which schools rank in the top ten or twenty for a particular area of study can narrow down the choices. Next, an educational evaluation including a calculation of the cumulative GPA is necessary. Most graduate schools will not accept any students who have a GPA lower than 3.0. If a student is planning on attending a campus-based degree program, housing is the next consideration. Housing applications can have varying application requirements, and it may be difficult to secure a place that is close enough to the school to avoid a long commute. Student apartments and discounts on student housing are often available, and it's a good idea to consider the options when applying to out-of-state or out-of-town locations. Finally, tuition costs are the next consideration. Graduate schools can cost over $20,000 per year, and although many offer scholarships and grants, these rarely cover all of the educational expenses needed to complete a graduate degree program. Students may need to seek other financial resources to make sure they do not get into debt and become unable to pay off loans.

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