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Journalism Grant and Scholarship Info

Students interested in pursuing journalism careers may be eligible to receive a journalism scholarship or a journalism grant. Getting a journalism degree at an accredited college or university can be expensive, and only some students have the personal savings or other financial resources to pay for the four-year program. A journalism scholarship can pay for the costs of college tuition, books and other education-related expenses. Whether you're an undergraduate student or a journalism grad student, there are a number of journalism scholarships and grants available that can cover the costs of getting a journalism degree.

How Journalism Scholarships Work

Many journalism scholarships are awarded to students based on merit and talent. Most require applicants to submit an essay or provide examples of their work to support their journalism scholarship application, and applicants may be competing with hundreds, even thousands of other journalism students.

Some journalism scholarships are awarded by colleges and universities, while others are awarded by international and national journalism organizations, corporations and press associations. Students who are pursuing careers in broadcasting, radio and television journalism, and other related careers are usually eligible to receive journalism scholarships and grants.

Individuals interested in finding journalism scholarships can search scholarship databases online and also turn to a college counselor for recommendations on scholarships that they may eligible to apply for.

Types of Journalism Scholarships

Students interested in a career as a broadcast journalist, filmmaking, photojournalism, television journalism and other careers in the field may be eligible for a number of different types of scholarships. Information about many high-value journalism scholarships and grants are available online and listed on numerous scholarship databases and websites.

Some of the most readily available journalism scholarships include:

  • Inter-American Press Association Scholarships
  • Jack R. Howard Fellowships in International Journalism
  • Al Neuharth Free Spirit Journalism Scholars
  • Sigma Corporation of America Scholarship
  • Databazaar Scholarship Fund
  • Alexia Foundation Photojournalism Scholarships
  • Ruggles National Right to Work Journalism Scholarship
  • NYU Study Abroad Journalism Scholarships
  • National Press Photographers Foundation Scholarships
  • RTNDF Electronic Journalism Scholarships
  • Foreign Press Association Scholarships
  • Society for News Design Foundation Scholarship
  • Society for Technical Communication Scholarship
  • Feldman Fellowship for Graduate Studies in Journalism
  • American Copy Editors Society Scholarships

Applying for a Journalism Scholarship

Students interested in journalism and writing degree programs may be eligible to receive a journalism scholarship based on financial need, merit or as part of a fellowship program. Many colleges and universities also offer their own set of scholarships and financial aid programs for journalism degree-seeking students.

The application process for different journalism scholarships and grants typically includes submitting references, writing an essay, submitting sample assignments and providing a comprehensive list of achievements, awards and journalism-related projects the student has completed. Some journalism scholarships are designed for students who are specializing in a certain field such as sports, business, and entertainment or TV news.

One of the best things a student applying for journalism scholarships can do is to prepare a professional portfolio. A portfolio will need to include clippings and examples of the student's best work, and can be submitted in both print and online form. Any special projects the student has worked on throughout their career or positions they have held in the field need to be included in the portfolio.

Getting Journalism Grants and Awards for a Journalism Degree

Unlike journalism scholarships, journalism grants are awarded by national organizations, corporations and sponsors who want to support students who are pursuing a journalism program. Many journalism grants are offered by foundations and private organizations. These are awarded to students interested in pursuing research opportunities in the field of journalism, or working on privately-funded research projects.

Students who do not qualify for a journalism scholarship or certain types of grants may consider applying for journalism awards. Examples of ongoing awards and fellowships available for journalism degree seeking students include:

  • AAAS Kavli Science Journalism Awards
  • National Media Awards
  • Alfa Fellowship Program
  • The Michael Kelly Award
  • The Goldsmith Awards
  • Grantham Prize for Excellence in Reporting on the Environment
  • Fellowships for Mid-Career Journalists for Digital Media Training
  • Payne Awards for Ethics in Journalism
  • Harry Chapin Media Awards


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