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Fire Science University: Online Fire Science Bachelor Degree

Students who want to complete a Bachelor of Science degree in Fire Science with a concentration in either Fire Administration or Fire Prevention/Technology can turn to an online fire science degree program or a attend fire science university offering a fire science bachelor degree program. Fire science degree programs train students in crisis management, fire suppression and extinguishment methods, and also prepare students to conduct fire scene investigations. When considering employment with the fire service, students may consider completing a fire science degree program at an accredited online college or fire science university.

Fire Science Degree Program Courses

Students completing a fire science bachelor degree program will take the following fire science degree courses:

  • Fire Prevention Practices
  • Fire Service
  • Fire Codes and Standards
  • Private Fire Protection Systems
  • Building Construction for the Fire Service
  • Fire Investigation – Cause and Origin
  • Fire Department Administration
  • Firefighting Tactics and Strategy

A four-year fire science degree program may also require prerequisite courses including American Government, Contemporary Moral Issues, Expository and Research Writing, Introduction to Psychology and Fire-Personnel Management. Foundation courses include courses in communications, arts and humanities, physical science and ethics. Upper-level courses may include political and legal foundations of fire protection, fire-related human behavior, fire protection and structure, and fire dynamics.

A fire science degree major requirements and electives include courses such as:

  • Introduction to Fire Protection
  • Interactions of Hazardous Materials
  • Management of Fire Incident Commands
  • Legal Aspects of Fire Protection
  • Incendiary Fire Analysis and Investigation
  • Terrorism Incident Management and Emergency Procedures
  • Building Construction for Fire Protection
  • Principles of Fire Behavior
  • Industrial Fire Protection
  • Fire Department Safety Officer Training

Online Fire Science Degree Programs

Students who wish to complete a fire science bachelor degree program can acquire certain skills and get the training they need to be successful in their field by completing an online fire science degree program. Firefighters are trained to work long and irregular hours, and to respond immediately to fires and other emergencies. They are also trained to respond to traffic accidents and medical emergencies. In order to fulfill their job duties, they must also maintain strict levels of physical fitness and practice complex drill activities.

Online fire science degree programs also train students to understand fire detection systems, fire behavior, safety and salvage practices, and hazardous materials. These degree programs prepare students for a management position with the fire service, and graduates may also be able to explore positions that influence government organizations, or work as a fire scientist to address the restoration of wilderness areas.

Fire Science Bachelor Degree Program Training

Fire science bachelor degree programs provide in-depth knowledge and training for leadership positions in the field of fire protection. In addition to disaster planning and fire-protection services, the curriculum of a fire science bachelor degree program includes analytical approaches to personnel management, hazardous materials management, fire-protection structure and system design, and emergency management. A fire science university and some schools offering fire science degree programs are developed in conjunction with the National Fire Academy of the Federal Management Agency.

Graduates of a fire science bachelor degree program learn the following specialized skills and are proficient in the following areas:

  • Historical development of fire protection
  • Historical lessons applied to contemporary issues in fire protection and emergency management
  • Organizational theories and skills required for fire service administration
  • Personnel management procedures and practices related to the management of career and volunteer-fire protection
  • Legal implications and aspects of the fire department's role in public safety
  • Role of fire prevention for fire protection and emergency management
  • Fire-related social, cultural, behavioral, economic and political characteristics of populations in the United States and around the globe
  • Conducting research using information technology, analytical tools and the scientific method to predict and control fire problems

Other online degree programs related to fire science, and available at some fire science universities, include bachelor's degree programs in occupational safety and health, health care administration, public administration and organizational leadership. Students may also consider obtaining a fire science certificate at the undergraduate level. Certificate programs provide basic knowledge and training in subject areas including advanced fire administration, management of fire incident command systems, fire prevention and code enforcement and the legal aspects of fire protection.


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