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Single Mother Scholarships for Single Parents and Moms

If you are a single mother or single parent and interested in pursuing a college degree, you may be eligible to receive a single parent scholarship or several scholarships for single parents. Many private organizations, colleges and universities offer scholarships for single mothers and provide opportunities for parents who have children to finish their educational career. Since the costs of a college education can be so high, a single parent scholarship can cover all or part of tuition expenses, the cost of books and other college-related materials.

About Scholarships for Single Parents

Many states are encouraging single parents to continue their education or complete a degree they may have started when their child was born. Since many single parents struggle with juggling finances and attending school while working a full-time job, many colleges and universities offer comprehensive scholarships for single moms and single mother scholarship opportunities that cover all or some of the costs of tuition. Many single parents can also choose to take their classes online. Online courses can make it much easier for the student to complete their coursework while taking care of their child and maintaining a full-time job.

Completing a Single Parent Scholarship Application

Most single parent scholarship opportunities are available to any undergraduate or graduate students who are enrolled in an accredited degree program. Some scholarships are based on need while others are merit-based and may require the student to submit an essay or other project that will be judged by a scholarship board. Students submitting an application for a single parent scholarship may also need to demonstrate leadership potential, disclose their GPA and test scores, provide letters of recommendation and provide information about their extracurricular activities, community involvement and other achievements.

Getting a Single Mother Scholarship or Scholarships for Single Parents

An increasing number of colleges, universities and trade schools want students to return to school after childrearing and complete their college degree. Having a college degree opens up many opportunities for students who want to advance in their careers and comfortably support their families as a single parent. Even though many single moms and single parents choose to work full-time and attend college on a part-time basis, they may not have enough money to cover the costs of tuition, books and other college-related expenses. A single mother scholarship and other types of scholarships for single parents can help these students excel in their college careers without worrying about paying for courses and materials.

Students interested in receiving a single mother scholarship or scholarships for single parents need to maintain a certain GPA and apply for the scholarship as early as possible. Talking with an admissions advisor or college representative about financial aid and scholarships available for single parents can help the student select the right types of scholarships for their goals.

Types of Scholarships for Single Parents

Many scholarships for single parents are offered by local organizations, community foundations and national organizations that are committed to helping single parents succeed. Some colleges and universities also offer their own set of single mother scholarship and single parent scholarship programs. Some of the most readily available scholarships for single parents include:

  • Single mother scholarship programs with the Women's Opportunity Awards sponsored by soroptimist.org
  • Single parent scholarships from The Jeannette Rankin Foundation
  • Single parent scholarship programs from The Assistance League
  • Scholarships for single moms from Raise the Nation

Some non-profit organizations and government organizations also offer grants and scholarships for single moms only. Some of the popular single mother scholarship programs and grants available through non-profit organizations and government organizations include:

  • Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund (ASPSF)
  • The Women's Independence Scholarship Program
  • Patsy Takemoto Mink Education Foundation
  • Pell Grant
  • The National SMART Grant
  • Teach Grant

Some single parent scholarship and grant opportunities are only awarded to low-income students and parents who are pursuing a particular field of study. These scholarships may require the applicant to submit proof of income and obtain solid references that support their scholarship application.


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