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Wedding Consultant Certification Courses: Bridal Consultant Training and Wedding Consultant School Classes

Anyone interested in becoming a wedding planner or bridal consultant can complete a wedding consultant certification course or wedding consultant training program. Wedding consultant training programs and bridal consultant courses are available in both online and offline formats, and provide students with in-depth knowledge and training to succeed in their field. Wedding consultant certification programs provide students with the trade secrets of professional wedding planners, business ownership fundamentals, wedding trends and traditions, and bridal attire among others.

Becoming a Wedding Consultant

Becoming a wedding consultant or bridal consultant with a formal wedding consultant training program gives students a chance to learn how to coordinate and plan ceremonies and receptions, operate their own business as a wedding planner, and handle all aspects of the wedding event planning process. Wedding consultants may choose to work on their own or as part of an independent wedding planning firm. Professional bridal consultants may work for a bridal shop or department store's bridal department. They are responsible for providing services and suggestions for the bride and groom, and may also work with vendors and churches to make reservations and book rooms on behalf of the couple.

While there are no specific educational requirements for becoming a wedding consultant or to become a bridal consultant, many successful individuals choose to complete a formal wedding consultant certification program through an accredited online school, trade school or approved through the Association of Certified Professional Wedding Consultants.

Wedding Consultant Training Programs

Individuals interested in becoming a wedding consultant or bridal consultant can complete wedding consultant training programs available through the Association of Certified Professional Wedding Consultants, or through an online training program that provides in-depth training and internship opportunities through the Wedding Planning Institute.

Wedding consultant training programs help students learn the following:

  • Create business contracts, pricing, packages and presentation tools for a wedding planning business
  • Understand the methods to set up a wedding planning business and operations
  • Become proficient in skills including budget planning, vendor selection and wedding design
  • Learn what to look for in vendor contracts
  • Become familiar with wedding design elements
  • Understand different wedding fabrics, styles, traditional and non-traditional etiquette
  • Understand how to use marketing and public relations to grow the business
  • Become familiar with different wedding traditions and cultures
  • Learn how to incorporate a couple's ethnic background into the celebration
  • Learn how to use the event planning process to design and deliver a successful wedding or social event
  • Understand the different stages of an event experience

Wedding Consultant Schools

Prospective wedding planners and bridal consultants can choose from both online and offline wedding consultant schools and bridal consultant training programs to fulfill their career objectives. Since approximately 80 percent of wedding industry professionals, including floral designers, bridal consultants and wedding caterers are self-employed, it's important for the prospective bridal consultant or wedding planner to take business courses and learn how to successfully run a business from home, or form their office.

Many wedding consultant schools offer online wedding planner courses that can help a student prepare for all types of wedding-related responsibilities, including marketing, promoting their services, acquiring new clients and working with vendors. Wedding consultant schools prepare students to handle all types of details involving different parties and vendors.

Students may choose to complete either a bridal consultant training program, take an individual bridal consultant course, or complete a full wedding consultant training program at their own pace with an online or distance learning program.

Wedding Consultant Training Courses

In addition to taking courses that provide an overview of the wedding industry, current wedding trends and statistics, and wedding traditions, wedding consultant training programs may include the following types of courses:

  • Wedding Planner Roles
  • Bridal Consultant Responsibilities
  • Wedding Consultant Business Structure
  • Wedding Planner Design Strategies
  • Using Fabric Boards
  • Contract Law
  • Bridal Client Contracts
  • Vendor Partnerships
  • Traditional Wedding Planner Packages
  • Working with the Prospective Bride
  • Traditional vs. Non-Traditional Wedding Ceremonies
  • Wedding Party Delegation
  • The Wedding Gown
  • Wedding Rehearsal Procedures
  • Signature Weddings
  • Bridal Shows
  • Online Marketing Strategies
  • Public Relations
  • Client Relations Management
  • Wedding Industry Terms

Students who choose to become a bridal consultant may consider taking a shorter, ‘mini' training program that teaches the basic skills and knowledge to work with brides and provide recommendations about the wedding gown, cake and themes. Professional bridal consultants may also be trained at a department store or by a bridal boutique. After completing a training program, a bridal consultant may consider joining The Association of Bridal Consultants, an international trade association.


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