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Scholarships for Women in Business: College Scholarship for a Woman

If you are a woman and interested in attending business school or getting a business degree, you may be eligible to receive business scholarships for women. Women in business scholarships are designed to help women succeed in their college careers and work towards getting their business degree. Many scholarships for a woman are designed only for women pursuing finance, accounting, entrepreneurship and other business majors, and these scholarships typically pay for tuition, books and college-related expenses. Whether you are just starting college or are interested in graduate studies, you'll find a number of scholarships for women in business and related careers.

Why Apply for College Scholarships for Women?

Many universities and supporting organizations offer women in business scholarship programs to balance out gender inequality on the college campus. College scholarships for women are designed to help women from disadvantaged backgrounds and those who are especially talented in a given field excel in their college careers. Many women traditionally choose fields such as healthcare, administration, education and the creative arts, but many are now interested in pursuing a business career and are prepared to complete undergraduate, graduate and advanced studies in several business fields.

Women who cannot pay for all of their college expenses on their own may be eligible to apply for business scholarships for women. These scholarships are offered by a number of universities, trade schools and professional organizations and each one has different eligibility criteria and requirements.

Funding Sources for Scholarships for a Woman

Women interested in applying for college scholarships for women can find a sponsors and professional organizations that offer private funding programs, as well as colleges and universities that want to attract female students to their business school. Some of the most popular funding sources for scholarships for a woman include:

  • State and private colleges
  • State universities
  • Professional business organizations and their affiliates
  • Local sponsors
  • Corporate sponsors

Types of Women in Business Scholarship Opportunities

There are hundreds of women in business scholarship opportunities available at any given time, and many female students pursuing a business degree are eligible to apply for and receive several business scholarships for women in business. Some of the different types of women in business scholarship opportunities include:

  • American Association of University Women
  • The Alliance of Women's Business and Professional Organizations
  • Business and Professional Women's Foundation
  • Boston Women's Fund
  • Central Asia Institute
  • The Fund for Women Artists
  • Global Fund for Women
  • Iowa Women's Foundation
  • Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation
  • The Kentucky Foundation for Women
  • Financial Women International
  • Small Business Administration Women in Business Scholarships
  • National Association of Commissions for Women

Getting Scholarships for Women in Business

Applying for scholarships for women in business can be a lengthy and time-consuming process, but there are several things you can do to increase your chances of getting business scholarships for women. Many business scholarships for women require submitting an essay or personal statement, including references that can verify your enrollment status and say something about your character, and the completion of a professional application.

If you are interested in applying for business scholarships for women, talk to a guidance counselor at your high school or an admissions advisor at the college or university you plan to attend. Many counselors and advisors can recommend some of the best college scholarships for a woman interested in pursuing a business degree at both the undergraduate and graduate level. They can also help you get started on your search for scholarships for women that are accepted at the college or university.

Applying for Business Scholarships for Women

If you already have an undergraduate degree or are returning to school after several years, you may be eligible to receive business scholarships for women who are pursuing an MBA or other advanced degree program. Many organizations offer college scholarships for women who are returning to college after working in their field or after taking care of family and childrearing responsibilities.

Many business scholarships for women are designed for women who don't have enough funding to pay for their undergraduate or degree program, or those who are also a minority student. Applications for a women in business scholarship can be found online and also directly through many colleges, universities and professional organizations.

Whether your goal is career advancement or just to pursue an entirely new field of study, you can find a number of college scholarships for women interested in business degree programs. Most women in business scholarship awards and programs can be used at any university, college or other educational institution that offers accredited degree programs, courses and continuing education programs.


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