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Creative Writing Classes: Online Professional Writing Career Course Degree Business Writing Programs

Individuals interested in pursuing a writing career can explore several types of writing programs and degrees. Writing programs can be completed online or offline, and the student can choose from a wide range of writing courses including online creative writing courses, business writing course programs and specialized writing classes that are taken in an offline setting. Professional writing careers include attractive jobs in the fields of publishing, marketing and public relations, research, teaching and general business.

Types of Writing Careers

Anyone that enjoys writing and wants to pursue their craft as a career can choose from several different types of writing careers. Some writing career paths require formal training from an accredited college or university, while others may require on-the-job training and the acquisition of some very specialized skills. Types of professional writing careers to consider include:

  • Advertising Writer or Copywriter
  • Acquisitions Editor
  • Agent's Assistant
  • Author
  • Columnist
  • Copy Editor
  • Copy Clerk
  • Reviewer
  • Editor-in-Chief
  • Editorial Secretary
  • English as a Second Language (ESL) Instructor
  • English Teacher
  • Fact Checker or Researcher
  • Journalist
  • Literary Agent
  • Manuscript Evaluator
  • Public Relations Writer
  • Production Editor

Writing Courses and Programs

Many colleges and universities offer several types of writing courses and programs for individuals that wish to complete a bachelor's degree or master's degree in the field. Some of these writing course programs are offered through the university's arts and humanities department or the English department, while others may be offered through a liberal arts program or from the business school.

Types of writing degree programs may include:

  • Bachelor Degrees in Creative Writing
  • Bachelor of Arts in Writing
  • Bachelor's Degree in Journalism
  • Master of Arts in Writing
  • Master of Arts in Creative Writing
  • Ph.D. in Writing

At the undergraduate level, writing courses and writing programs focus on the development of key skills for researching and writing so that the student can explore writing careers in fields of publishing, journalism, marketing and public relations or in writing books. Writing courses at this level focus on grammar, tone and clarity in composition, punctuation and tone. In some cases, the student has the opportunity to work with a group of professional writers or participate in workshops to further improve their skills.

Writing degree programs at the master's level are structured around the development of creative, professional and technical writing skills. At this level, the student may choose to take a business writing course or a set of online creative writing courses to further develop skills learned at the undergraduate level. Students that are working towards a career in journalism, marketing, research or technical writing learn how to edit, proofread and format documents and manuscripts according to various guidelines. Many pursue careers as an editor, technical writer, publicist or journalist.

Some schools do offer the option of taking some or all of the writing courses online. Online writing courses give students more flexibility when completing their writing degree.

Benefits of Taking a Writing Course Online

Many students prefer to take a writing course online because the format allows them to work full time while completing a writing degree or writing program, and in some cases, work at their own pace. Some of the key benefits of taking a writing course online include:

  • Live lectures and tutorials
  • Structured assignments with deadlines
  • Extensive interaction with instructors and students via e-mails, instant messaging and forum discussion groups
  • Access to lectures, comments from instructors and discussion boards
  • Ability to log in 24 hours per day, seven days per week

Specialized Writing Programs

In addition to completing a business writing course or online creative writing courses, students may choose to pursue specialized writing programs to develop very special skills in a particular field. Examples of specialized writing programs include:

  • Expository Writing
  • Advanced Business Writing
  • Nature Writing
  • Academic Writing
  • Fiction Writing
  • Poetry Writing
  • Educational Writing
  • Speech Writing
  • Advanced Copywriting
  • Writing for the Web
  • Screenwriting
  • Translation

Writing Course Programs: Workshops and Apprenticeships

In some cases, a college, university or technical school may offer workshops for different types of writing programs and genres so that students can explore various styles and types of writing to identify their strengths. Some schools host conferences and other events where a student can take part in a residency program or workshop for extra credits.

Graduate programs often require the student to complete a thesis or dissertation as part of their degree program, and they may also be required to complete a certain number of credits in one of the above specialized writing programs.

Apprenticeships are designed to complement the student's writing courses and may be taken at all levels of study to enhance the learning experience. Students who are enrolled in online writing courses and degree programs may also be able to pursue an apprenticeship throughout their educational career.

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