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Schools for Computer Repair Training

With the rapid growth and advancement in the field of computers and information technology, the need for skilled computer repair technicians is rising across all industries. From game development companies to industrial corporations, computer repair technicians are needed to troubleshoot computer systems, manage database systems, and help with installation and setup of a variety of programs and computer hardware. Technicians can work within a company or independently to provide services; training at a computer repair school provides essential skills and applications for a variety of rewarding careers in the computer, tech, and information technology industry.

Why Is Computer Repair Training Important?

Computer repair training is an essential skill for those interested in working with information systems, desktop support, and improving efficiency over a network or organization. It provides advanced skills in troubleshooting, repair, maintenance, and upgrading of many of today's leading systems, applications, software programs and hardware. With the growth of new technology in almost every industry, a computer repair technician can help train and teach others on how to manage new operating systems, evaluate problems, and provide solutions to everyday challenges. Training at a computer repair school also affords students a chance to gain experience in building computers and managing complex networks. This can be applied to a variety of positions that require technicians to be up to date on desktop services, computer diagnostic testing, and implementing new system upgrades.

Job Description and Responsibilities of a Computer Repair Technician

A computer repair technician is primarily involved with:

  • Troubleshooting networks and computer programs
  • Installing software and hardware
  • Designing and implementing a secure network
  • Supporting desktops and servers
  • Managing a range of databases
  • Helping with web development
  • Developing processes and procedures to train others
  • Supporting or leading a group of computer repair technicians through a project
  • Learning about different operating systems and platforms
  • Becoming proficient with MS Windows, Macintosh, and Linux operating systems
  • Installing peripherals and other hardware across a range of computers

What Do Computer Repair Schools Offer?

Schools offer students a chance to complete intensive training and in-depth study of each of the elements of computer maintenance, network design, and performance. A school can provide real-life simulations and hands-on training at each stage of study. Computer repair course programs are concentrated on the following areas:

  • Operating systems
  • Software applications
  • Network and hardware maintenance
  • Networking
  • End-user efficiency
  • Programming
  • Providing support
  • Evaluating computer performance
  • Computer peripherals and process optimization

Many schools also allow students to complete courses for certification. A Certificate in Computer Technical Support is just one opportunity for students to earn professional recognition in the field. A computer repair program may be taken at a formal school, or even online with a PC and high speed internet connection. An online class allows students to work with web-based simulations to learn the concepts and critical skills needed, and can still provide ample training.

What Types of Computer Repair Programs Are Available?

Training programs allow students to learn essential skills in using and optimizing computer devices, hardware programs, and evaluating performance. These programs can train students to become bench technicians, computer network developers, web administrators, and customer support representatives. Computer repair programs are designed to include areas of study such as:

  • Computer mechanics
  • Computer technology
  • Electrical repair
  • Computer installation

A computer repair class is very interactive and encourages students to work with a variety of materials and applications throughout the course. The course may specialize in a particular program, operating system, or application to provide in-depth training and knowledge. Students who attend a formal computer repair school also have the benefit of working on lab simulations and making use of creative applications of their skills.

Educational Background and Requirements for Computer Repair Training

Students who excel in mathematics, physics, and science have a high chance of success in a computer repair training career. Most employers prefer that students have at least an associate degree in addition to formal training through an internship or part-time job. This allows them to serve as technicians for a variety of industries, and certification in the field is recommended. Many technical and vocational schools offer comprehensive training programs and degrees, and a formal degree can lead to a variety of attractive job opportunities at the corporate level. Students who enhance their program and curriculum with computer programming classes, web design and development, and other related technology fields have higher chances of salary increases and job opportunities in the long term.

Earning Potential and Employment Prospects for Computer Repair Careers

Job options and career opportunities for computer repair technicians look promising as demand for highly trained professionals in the field is increasing with the growth of new technologies, software programs, and electronic devices. As more companies become technologically advanced, the need for well-trained professionals is a necessary outcome; companies look for professionals who can teach and train others, as well as implement appropriate processes and networks for technical support. A computer repair career is also very flexible; a technician who branches out into related fields and industries has a higher chance of growing in their position and enjoying a rewarding career.

Job growth is expected to grow faster than average, and the average income for a computer repair technician was $40,430 in 2004. Related careers include:

  • Computer Support Specialist

  • Systems Administrator

  • Customer Support Agent

  • Database Manager


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