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Bsc, MS and PhD Degrees in Computer Science

With the rapid developments in the online sector, advances in technology, and new computer systems and programs launched daily, computer science degrees offer many attractive career opportunities in technology and information management. Organizations of all sizes are looking for skilled professionals who hold a computer science degree for a variety of critical projects including web management, technical applications, and developing efficient programs and applications. Distance learning is just one option for completing a computer science degree with success.

What is a Computer Science Degree?

Computer science is a branch of informational and programming sciences that focuses on different methods of computation, data synthesis, programming, and analysis. It can be applied in a variety of industries such as business, military operations, and engineering and demand for skilled professionals in the field is growing rapidly in today's technologically-driven society. Computer science school graduates can work in a variety of industries such as military operations or the business sector, but may also pursue specialized fields such as game development, computer aided design, and robotics.

Degrees are designed to provide in-depth study and analysis of computer programming languages and applications, along with understanding algorithms, advanced computations, and machine learning. These degree programs often include courses covering advanced mathematics, information technology principles and history, computer engineering, and applications in economics. With the growth in internet-based degree offerings, completing a computer science degree online offers another option for students who desire a more flexible schedule.

What Types of Jobs are Available for Computer Science Degree Majors?

Specializing in a particular field, or becoming certified in various programming languages, can further increase career opportunities. Computer science school trains students on the fundamentals of programming, computer applications, and information management needed for success in their career. Online degree programs enable students to work with a variety of web-based applications and modules, helping them further their web and internet skills even more, while becoming proficient with almost all web-based programming and applications over the course of their studies.

Career opportunities for students graduating from computer science college, or after completing related coursework, include:

  • Computer Animation

  • Computer Aided Designer

  • Computer Programmer

  • Database Analyst

  • Educator

  • Media Center Employee

  • Computer Software Developer

  • Computer Systems Analyst

  • Computer Software Engineer

  • Webmaster

Job Description and Responsibilities with a Computer Science Degree

Completing a computer science degree offers many opportunities at even the entry-level stages, especially in the online sector where programmers, developers, and analysts are in high demand. Common responsibilities include:

  • Developing and testing new software programs

  • Determining problems in applications and configuring programs accordingly

  • Working with a team of analysts and designers on a variety of project

  • Sorting and organizing large volumes of data

  • Analyzing reports and making sound decisions and forecasts

  • Creating new databases and processes for organizational operations

  • Understanding data structures and operating systems

  • Employing software engineering and program design applications

Skills Acquired With Computer Science Degrees

A computer science degree offers a variety of technical, mathematical, and analytical courses that challenge students to acquire new skills. Programs and coursework can help students become proficient in:

  • Project management, development, and execution
  • Various programming languages including C++ , Java, and C
  • Web development and website construction
  • Information management, organization, and control
  • Identifying user requirements and needs
  • Understanding how databases run, and how to implement effective changes for improvement
  • Systems security and implementing processes to enable security of data

The most common courses include:

  • Foundations of Computer Science
  • Software Development Methods
  • Web Development
  • System Architecture and Software
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Principles of Programming Languages
  • Computer Graphics
  • Machine Learning
  • Advanced Networking

Pursuing An Online Degree

Online degree programs offer students the flexibility of taking classes on their own time, and can easily become a valuable addition to anyone interested in working full-time and completing a degree in the process. Online programs are very similar in structure and curriculum as those found at a computer science school, but they make use of web-based platforms for all instruction. Students are required to participate in online discussion forums, collaborate in internet-based workgroups, and submit projects to their professors over the internet. Lectures, presentations, and tutorials are also a significant component of online programs; these allow students to make the most of today's valuable media applications, and they can enjoy easy access to lectures and notes from any location around the world.

Computer science distance learning offers an alternative to 'traditional' schools, and enhances a student's web communications, online work capabilities, and furthering their skills to manage multiple projects. By completing a computer science degree online, students have the chance to demonstrate advanced technology and communication skills to prospective employers.

Master Degree Programs

The opportunity to complete a computer science master degree is attractive for those interested in supervisory and managerial roles within their field. A master degree program is a professional degree that may also be offered in an online format. A master degree program is often specialized in the fields of:

  • Software Theory

  • Theoretical CS

  • Real-World Computing

  • Numerical Analysis

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Human-Computer Interaction

  • Systems Theory

Career Potential and Employment Prospects

The field of computer science offers many career opportunities in the areas of artificial intelligence, systems development and administration, and computer database management. Graduates can look forward to a variety of highly attractive, and lucrative, careers within the field. Specializing in a particular field or area of study increases career options even further; those who pursue a computer science master degree have many valuable opportunities for a rewarding, lifelong career in the industry. With the global advancements in technology and increased needs for security in information management, demand for computer scientists, database administrators, analysts, and programmers is on the rise.

After receiving the necessary training, many graduates choose to become self-employed. This allows them the freedom to work on their own schedules and offer their services as an independent contractor. Job opportunities for computer scientists and database administrators are expected to grow much faster than average through 2014. Median annual earnings of computer specialists were $59,480 in 2004, and pay scales range widely depending on skills, background, experience, and the degree level or specialization achieved.


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