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Schools with Fashion Designing Courses

Fashion design school graduates are professionals who design and create clothes and accessories. They are instrumental in shaping the latest trends in the fashion world. Whether working independently or for famous fashion houses, the job prospects in the fashion industry are endless.

Job Description and Responsibilities of Fashion Design School Graduates

Graduates must have a keen sense of the latest trends and be able to create new apparel according to changing styles. The fashion design process is an intricate one involving many stages such as:

  • Sketching of designs

  • Fabric and color selection

  • Tailoring of sample garments

  • Sizing, fit and alteration of garments

  • Marketing and showcasing of finished products at fashion shows and other events

Some other responsibilities of graduates include:

  • Attending fashion shows of other industry professionals to assess current and future trends

  • Creating customized garments for select clients

Successful fashion designers are generally skilled in design techniques, versatile in creating unique looks and able to work independently whilst collaborating with others on multiple projects. Moreover, they must be willing to handle the pressure of tight deadlines.

Career Options for Fashion Design College Graduates

Fashion design school graduates should expect to start their career at a junior level, usually as assistant designers. Despite the hard work and long hours, the opportunity to learn about the industry and observe senior designers will be immensely useful. Some designers choose to work for large apparel manufacturers who cater to the masses. Others prefer the exclusivity of high fashion which allows them to design unique luxurious fashion.

There are many career options out there. Some possible careers include:

  • Assistant designers

  • Specialty designers

  • Costumer designers (for theatre, TV and the arts)

  • Trend researchers

  • Fashion consultants

  • Buyers

Fashion Design Schools Education

A formal education in a fashion design school is the first step to becoming a fashion designer. You may opt to enroll in a 4-year degree program at a fashion design college, earning a Bachelor's degree upon graduation. Vocational schools and community colleges are another route into the industry. Programs at these schools usually span 2 years and graduates can earn a diploma or associate degree.

Some of the fashion design school degrees available include:

  • Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Design

  • Associate Degree in Fashion Design

  • Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Design & Fashion Marketing

  • Associate of Science Degree in Fashion Design and Marketing

  • Associate of Arts Degree (Fashion Design)

  • Associate in Applied Sciences (Fashion Design)

Attending a fashion design college will allow you to take classes on relevant subjects such as sketching, sewing, textiles, design and fashion marketing. After acquiring the necessary skills, you should focus on garnering industry experience. Creating and updating a portfolio is essential in the fashion world as it serves as a showcase of your talent and creativity.

Fashion Design School Program Accreditation

Before enrolling in any school, it is important to check the accreditation of the institution. Besides considering the accreditation of a school by a regional body, you should also ensure that the school is similarly recognized by The National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD), which is the main accrediting body for fashion design schools.

Fashion Design School Graduates Earning Potential and Employment Prospects

In 2005, the median salary of graduates of fashion design schools was approximately $60,000 with the middle 50 percent of designers earning between $40,000 and $87,000. As with most jobs, salaries will increase as experience is gained. Even though entry-level earnings are low, fashion design school graduates can quickly advance, expecting to earn more as they do so.

Fashion designers can earn a regular steady income as employees of large fashion companies. Those with exceptional talent and ambition can strive to start their own label, potentially earning a great deal more.

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