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Top Schools for Film Making

Filmmaking schools offer students a comprehensive education in the field of film production, screenwriting, editing and casting. Students who enroll in film school programs learn basic and advanced skills and techniques needed to enter the film industry as a cinematographer, movie producer, casting agent, screenwriter or film editing professional. Both digital filmmaking courses and standard film theory courses are readily available from prestigious schools around the country.

What is a Film School?

Film schools are designed to provide specialized education in the field of moviemaking, TV series production, screenwriting, film production, movie theory, and film history. Many famous directors and producers have received formal training from a filmmaking school, but a degree, certificate or diploma is not necessarily required to enter the industry. However, those that do attend a filmmaking school can learn advanced skills and techniques needed to be successful in the field.

Film schools typically teach a variety of classes in television, video production, mass media production, and animation. Few schools actually shoot real film; these schools generally use video for shooting, editing and screening movies.

Types of Film Schools

Most schools teach a broad range of skills and subjects in the areas of film editing, TV show production, directing, and animation. However, there are some specialized film schools for students who want to gain advanced knowledge in a particular field. Students may choose to attend:

  • Film Editing Schools

  • Film Directing Schools

  • Film Production Schools

Film editing schools teach students basic skills and advanced techniques in the area of film editing and video production using the latest software programs. Since the majority of editing is done digitally, students work on various hands-on projects using the latest editing software and equipment.

Film directing schools teach students essential skills and techniques in directing, casting for, and setting up a production schedule for a movie. A directing school may focus less on the software and equipment used in the filmmaking process, and focus more on communications, the filmmaking timeline, and study famous directors throughout history.

Film production schools teach basic skills and concepts in the production track for movies, television programs and animated segments. These schools focus on the technical side of film production; attending a school that specializes in production provides a well-rounded education in the field.

Common Film School Programs

Some film schools offer educational programs that can be completed in just one year, while others offer two-year or four-year programs. Students typically choose from the following types of programs:

  • Directing

  • Creative Writing

  • Cinematography

  • High Definition (HD) Production

  • Audio

  • Film Production

  • Producing Independent Film

  • Documentary Filmmaking

  • Using 35mm and 16mm Film

Skills Taught at Film Making School

Film making and editing schools teach students a number of important skills that can be used immediately after graduation. Common skills taught include:

  • Writing, directing and digitally editing film

  • Basic cinematography skills

  • Writing film scripts with dialogue

  • Writing, directing and editing digital projects

  • Fundamentals of digital video production

  • Documentary filmmaking

  • Art of visual storytelling

  • Sound design and editing

  • Training and working with actors

  • Set design

Digital Filmmaking Courses

Students who want to enter the field of digital filmmaking may take advanced or specialized courses in the field. Common digital filmmaking courses available include:

  • Production Workshop

  • Sound Editing and Design

  • Digital Editing

  • Hands-on Camera and Lighting

  • Film Budgeting

  • Documentary Filmmaking

  • Digital Filmmaking Software Programs

  • Digital Storyboarding Technique

The final goal of these schools is to give students a chance to create their own movies or reels. These reels can become a part of the student's portfolio.

Education Requirements to Attend Film School

Students need only a high school diploma to enroll in film making schools around the country, but some college graduates who have degrees in the field of communications, broadcasting journalism, or animation may also be good candidates.

Some programs are available exclusively online, providing students with more flexibility with their schedule. However, the majority of filmmaking schools offer educational programs in an offline setting because the student needs to learn some important hands-on technical skills, learn how to operate equipment, and gain skills in using various types of editing and rendering software programs. These schools give students a chance to work in a professional soundstage environment, undertake hands-on projects in an HD television production studio, and even work in a professional backlot to produce a movie reel.

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