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Cheerleading Scholarships for College and High School Seniors

If you were a cheerleader in high school and are interested in continuing with cheerleading during your college career, you may be eligible to apply for a college cheerleading scholarship or grants. Cheerleading scholarships are designed for students who want to pursue their cheerleading career throughout their collegiate years, and for those who have interest in dance, gymnastics and cheerleading programs. Many colleges and universities around the country offer cheerleading scholarships for students who wish to become professional cheerleaders, or simply cheer at college athletic events.

How Cheerleading Scholarships Work

Some cheerleading scholarships are awarded through an athletic program of a college or university, while others are offered by schools that train college and professional cheerleaders. In order to qualify for a scholarship, students will either need to get recruited by a cheerleading squad or compete for a scholarship through a try out. Try-outs give the applicant a chance to demonstrate their flexibility, dance and cheer skills before they are invited to join the squad.

Even those students who receive a cheerleading grant or scholarship will need to maintain a good academic record and participate in other extracurricular activities.

A cheerleading scholarship or grant may be offered by private colleges and universities, public colleges and universities with large athletic departments, cheerleader associations around the country, and local organizations that want to support cheerleaders in the community.

Getting a College Cheerleading Scholarship

In order to get a scholarship, students need to prove that they have strong dance and cheer skills and that they are committed to completing an educational program at their college of choice. Cheerleaders must have spirit, talent and a strong desire to become a cheerleader for their entire educational track. After deciding where the student wants to attend college, they can speak with college coaches, advisors and counselors to find out what types of programs they may be eligible for.

Some college cheerleading scholarships can be very competitive and require students to submit a thorough application that includes information about cheerleading history, references, a personal essay or statement, and information about their overall career goals. Students may be able to earn credits towards physical education and other fitness classes if they are selected to participate in a cheerleading program.

Information about Cheerleading Grants

Cheerleading grants are typically awarded to students who want to attend cheer camp or a formal training program. Cheerleading grants can be awarded based on athletic ability, financial need or merit. Like scholarships, grants do not need to be paid back and are considered to be a form of an award.

Organizations and associations that offer cheerleading grants include cheerleading magazines, local athletic associations, uniform retailers and manufacturers, and private organizations that support the cheerleading community. Grants may cover the cost of tuition and fees for cheer camp, drill team training and other training programs. The selection process for grants varies by organization.

Applying for a Cheerleading Scholarship

There are several things a student can do to increase his or her chances of getting a cheerleading scholarship. Some important things to keep in mind when applying include:

  • Choosing a college or university that offers a comprehensive cheerleading or cheer training program, and searching for available scholarships up to a year before enrollment
  • Finding out what types of financial aid, scholarships and grants are available for cheerleaders through the college's admissions department
  • Finding out how to participate or compete in national and local cheerleading competitions
  • Meeting with cheerleading coaches and advisors to learn about different college programs
  • Finding out how to participate or compete in national and local cheerleading competitions
  • Training for try outs by staying in great shape and registering for fitness classes
  • Staying flexible and maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  • Stretching every day to prevent injuries

The scholarship application and review process can be lengthy and even stressful, but there are several things you can do to speed up the process. Take the time to learn about eligibility requirements and keep track of deadlines so that you don't miss some good opportunities. Working with an admissions counselor or advisor can make it easier to find college cheerleading scholarships you are eligible for and learn more about grants and other funding opportunities.


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