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International Business Colleges, Schools and Degrees

An international business career is a valuable way to learn about different cultures, travel around the world, and develop business strategies that can be applied globally. Graduates with an international business degree can choose a variety of positions with employers that have established companies and brands around the world. Many students choose to pursue a master degree in international business after completing basic training within the field, and a variety of courses are available.

Job Description and Responsibilities with an International Business Degree

In order to stay competitive with in the international marketplace, many students are choosing to pursue studies that encompass different languages and cultures. A broader perspective is part of many international business programs, and allows students to understand cultural differences, globalization of world markets, and adopt multicultural business etiquette.

General responsibilities and types of jobs with an international business career include:

  • Traveling to foreign countries and serving as an ambassador
  • Learning foreign languages and common business practices
  • Adapting to cultural trends and international business procedures
  • Understanding the history and trends of overseas markets
  • Developing strong communication skills for a variety of people and markets
  • Understanding social economic and political factors that affect business around the world

Skills Needed for an International Business Career

While the skill set varies depending on the specialization of the career, the most common skills needed include:

  • Strong communication and verbal skills
  • Ability to adapt to be flexible with new cultures
  • Ability to learn about foreign principles and procedures
  • Traveling far from home for extended periods of time
  • Understanding international finance, marketing, and business management
  • Working within different time zones on a regular basis
  • Project management skills
  • Understanding of cultural norms and taboos
  • Developing marketing and advertising programs permissible in different areas of the world
  • Leadership skills
  • Critical thinking and analytical skills

Obtaining an International Business Degree Online

While formal training through an international business school or college offers many opportunities for networking, completing a degree online is a valuable opportunity for students who do not have access to an accredited program. Both a bachelors degree and Master degree in international business are available in an online format, and are valuable ways for students to obtain the training they need from a distance. Enrolling in a course with an online format is a simple way to supplement a business degree or other related course of study.

An international business degree online offers the same types of programs and courses of study as an on-campus program. Typical courses include:

  • Global Business and Public Policy

  • Multinational Management

  • Global Marketing Techniques

  • Pricing and Distribution Strategies

  • International Law

  • International Trade and Customs

  • Accounting and Finance

  • Organizational Behavior

  • Global Corporation, Case Studies

International Business Degree Requirements

Degree requirements vary depending on the discipline and specialization. Students majoring in international business are taught variety of subjects, and will be introduced to global perspectives on trade, commerce, finance, economics, history, marketing, and the world economy. A course may be specialized within a specific industry or country, or may also be taken as an independent study class as a supplement to any international business program.

Programs offered often include bachelor degree programs, a Master degree in international business, MBA programs, and graduate certificates. A bachelors degree program is usually a combination of a bachelor of science or arts, with a concentration in international business. This is the basic requirement for entry-level positions, and courses are designed for management in the global sphere. Many of these programs can be completed in two years, and students who choose to pursue a master degree in international business will need to gain work experience in addition to this basic level of education.

Obtaining a Master Degree in International Business

A Master degree can be completed after a bachelors degree in international business or related field. These degree programs are specifically designed for management level professionals, and the demand for trained managers in this sector is very high, and very competitive. An MBA program is another opportunity to focus on global studies and achieve formal certification. Managers interested in learning specific techniques may choose to pursue a Graduate Certificate in International Business, where they enroll in a course specializing in government relations and strategic alliances.

International Business Career Potential and Employment Prospects

The demand for highly trained and qualified professionals in offers a variety of career opportunities. Global business is growing rapidly, especially with the advances in technology and communications. In addition to the basic knowledge about a country, the customs, culture, and business practices are even more important today. Salaries for those who pursue training within the field are considerably high across many domains, and those who specialize in global marketing and politics have the most favorable opportunities for employment.

Graduates of international business school have three options for working abroad. They may be hired as an expatriate, where they will obtain a work visa and work with a US company that has a presence in another country; they may work as an inpat, where they are hired by another country and pay the local currency; or they may work as a third country national, were they are allowed to work in another country but are hired in their country of origin.

Salaries vary significantly depending on the type of firm, country of origin, and nature of the work involved. Those with advanced degrees have the most favorable opportunities for a lifelong career. Taking an international business course to supplement any business degree is another valuable way to increase skills, and become more marketable in this competitive industry.


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