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MCSE Training: MCSE Certification, MCSE Online Course and Bootcamp

Microsoft continues to dominate the information technology industry, and thousands of students who complete their degree program in the areas of computer science or technology can further their career by becoming a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. MCSE Certification is the official designation for the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, and allows a candidate to earn a higher-than-average salary, pursue better job opportunities, and maintain their skills and knowledge as they further their career.

What is MCSE Certification?

Technology professionals who become MCSE certified can work in roles that involve designing and implementing the infrastructure on the Microsoft Windows 2000 Server platform or the Windows Server System. MCSE Certification is a valuable commodity in today's high-tech sphere, and prospective employers are looking for candidates who are already MCSE-certified because of the high costs associated with MCSE training. MCSE training programs can take place in both an on-site or online learning environment, but students also have an option to take a self-study course independently.

MCSE Training: MCSE Courses and Program Descriptions

MCSE training programs allow Microsoft Systems Engineers to prepare for the four key exams necessary for certification. An MCSE student needs to pass four designated operating system exams and two elective exams; these test the professional's' knowledge and skills in the areas of systems networking, server management, and desktop networking systems. The four operating exams that MCSE training prepares students for are:

  • NT Server

  • NT Workstation

  • Networking Essentials

  • NT Server in the Enterprise

The two elective exams cover areas in Microsoft BackOffice products.

What Does MCSE Training Provide?

MCSE training allows candidates to oversee and manage several tasks involved with networks and computer systems. Common job tasks and responsibilities after completing MCSE courses include:

  • Troubleshooting network computer systems

  • Checking for software errors

  • Monitoring bugs in network systems and software

  • Backing up company information for valuable data

  • Running diagnostics and scanning computer systems for viruses

  • Monitoring and reporting network crashes

  • Conducting training classes for employees or business professionals in the office work environment

  • Updating computers with the latest software patches

Key Benefits of MCSE Certification

MCSE Certification allows candidates to join an active community of technology professionals located around the world, and enhance their career credentials and experience with ongoing training. Key benefits of MCSE Certification include:

  • Staying current with server based systems designs and technologies

  • Having access to technical resources for any project or work order

  • Career and certification planning resources to make it easier to move up in a position

  • Networking opportunities with other Microsoft Certified Professionals, both online and offline

  • Discounts and rebates on industry-related magazines and software programs

  • An MCSE logo for resumes and websites, as well as an official MCSE lapel pin

  • Free access to Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine Online

  • A higher level of job satisfaction

Enrolling in an MCSE Online Course Program

MCSE online course programs allow students to obtain the training and skills they need to successfully pass each exam. These MCSE courses can be designed to simulate the computing environments using the Microsoft Windows Server and other products, so students can gain the hands-on experience and skills they need to create and develop various projects.

Online MCSE certification makes it easy for non-traditional students to obtain their MCSE credentials from the comfort of home or their work office. Online MCSE certification programs may be comprised of:

  • Online training videos

  • Hands-on exercises

  • Online quizzes, tests and examinations

  • Computer labs

  • Collaborative group projects

  • CD and DVD training as a course supplement

  • Web-based study guides and support forums

How MCSE Bootcamp Courses Work

MCSE bootcamp courses and programs are designed for accelerated learning, and are most valuable for candidates who need to complete their MCSE certification in a short period of time for a prospective employer, or other personal reasons. MCSE bootcamp courses can be taken either online, or over the Internet in a virtual classroom setting. These types of self-study programs allow students to complete tests and quizzes, submit coursework and take part in computer labs and hands-on exercises in a ‘condensed' learning format.

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MCSE Training: MCSE Certification, MCSE Online Course and Bootcamp