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Music Business Degree: Business College Degree in Music, Music Business Education

A music business degree prepares students to work in a variety of fields within the music and entertainment industry, and offers a balance of business strategy, communications, and specialized talent. Those who complete their music business education successfully may find employers in larger cities and markets such as Los Angeles, Chicago, Nashville, and New York. Many record label companies, radio stations, marketing and public relations firms, and concert venues are looking for qualified professionals within this field, and music business management allows students to gain the knowledge and skills to become successful in their career.

Job Description and Responsibilities with a Business Degree in Music

The entertainment and music business is a diverse and very fast paced industry. Music business management offers students a chance to travel and communicate with a variety of professionals in the media and music industry, and they are often involved in organizing events, promotions, and other multimedia projects. General responsibilities for those with a business college degree in music include:

  • Understanding music copyright law
  • Working with teams of professionals around the country
  • Networking with clubs and concert promoters
  • Acting as a manager or publicist for a specific group or individual
  • Working with radio, television, and Internet multimedia firms
  • Applying at music industry contracts and understanding entertainment Law
  • Handling or managing financial affairs of musicians, entrepreneurs, and entertainers
  • Supervising teams of music professionals or producers
  • Serving as a relations manager or representative

Skills Needed for a Successful Music Business Career

A business college degree in music allows students to develop specific talents and skills, with a balance of music business management and technical training. Skills needed for a successful music business career include:

  • Exceptional communication skills
  • Ability to work in both the public and private sector
  • Strong problem-solving ability
  • Ability to travel
  • Negotiation and persuasion skills
  • Sales and marketing within the specialized industry
  • Aggressiveness, and the ability to adapt in a fast-paced industry

Career Options with a Music Business Degree

A variety of career options are available for those who pursue a music business degree. Music business school can provide the basic training needed to manage and lead groups, teach, and produce and market music independently. A music business degree can offer attractive employment opportunities in the areas of publicity, record label management, personal managers, concert promotion, radio, media relations, and even music publishing.

Music publishing is becoming a growing industry with the increases in online multimedia opportunities. In addition to record label management, an individual with a music business degree can work independently to create, develop, and promote their own music. A business college degree in music can provide the foundational knowledge to make this a successful entrepreneurial endeavor.

Professionals with a Business Degree in Music

A business degree in music allows graduates to explore professional positions such as:

  • Personal Manager

  • Booking Agent

  • Concert Promoter

  • Independent Radio Promoter

  • Music Business Entrepreneur

  • Retail Sales Management

  • Entertainment Attorney

  • Business Manager

  • Music Supervisor

  • Music Business Consultant

  • Record Label Administrator

  • Publicist

  • Promotional Staffer

  • Marketing Representative

  • Music Publisher

  • Road Manager or Tour Publicist

Music Business Education Opportunities

Students today can enroll in a formal music business school to obtain basic training, but completing music business courses online is also another option for developing marketable skills. Many accredited music business schools offer online training programs that combine both music business management and principles with technical training. This format is very attractive for students who may not have access to a campus, and still provides a strong foundation for a successful music business career.

Music business schools that offer specialized courses of study can offer both hands on training, technical press is using today's leading equipment, and offer general business courses for a well-rounded music business education. Gaining practical experience both in and outside of the class is vital for long-term success, and is often a component of each music business major.

Completing Music Business Courses Online

A music business education completed in an online format offers both flexibility and specialized study. Completing music business courses online is a valuable opportunity for those who are already working within the industry and require a flexible schedule. Many of the courses are more specialized in online formats, such as e-business, data management, music publishing, and business communications. A large portion of studies with a music business degree is technical application, and these skills can be obtained by pursuing music business courses online. Common online music business courses may include:

  • Introduction to music business
  • Inside the record industry
  • Introduction to music publishing
  • Music industry entrepreneurship
  • Web design for musicians

Many of these music business courses online can serve as a supplement to a basic business college degree music or related field.

Music Business Degree Requirements and Training

Students interested in pursuing music business degree will need to have graduated from high school or obtained or GED. The most common music business degree programs are part of either a bachelor of science, interdisciplinary program, or a business school. Music business schools that only offer industry related programs off her more specialized formats of study. Students interested in management within the field may choose to pursue a master of science or arts further in their educational career.

Common courses of study for students who declare the music business major include:

  • Taxation in the music business
  • Business communications
  • Music in the international marketplace
  • Music technology
  • Creative promotion through media
  • Legal aspects of the music industry
  • Principles of this is management
  • Concerts and tour promotion
  • Data management and statistics
  • Website development for business

In addition to completing music business courses, students may be required to complete an internship in music business management. An internship can provide valuable work experience for any music business career, and increase the chances of job placement immediately after graduation from a music business school.

Employment Prospects and Outlook with a Music Business Career

Job opportunities for those who pursue a music business career look promising, and the increase of music, videos, and multimedia channels is rapidly growing around the world. Music business management allows graduates to enjoy flexible career opportunities, and those with key contacts with the media will have the most success in the long term. Networking and managing relationships plays a significant role for a successful career in music business management, and this is an ongoing process. Many producers are essentially entrepreneurs, and responsible for overseeing the business and financial decisions of various music productions, concerts, and television productions.

Median annual screenings of salaried producers and directors were $52,840 in May 2004. Salaries range considerably for publicists, toward operators, concert managers, and marketing executives. Related occupations include:

  • Show Announcers

  • Sets and Exhibit Designers

  • Theatrical Managers

  • Radio Advertising Executives

  • Communication Specialists within the Music Industry

  • DJs

  • Restaurant or Club Managers


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