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Nursing Scholarships: Nursing Grants, Nursing Financial Aid

Completing a nursing degree can help you move ahead in your career in the medical field, and nursing school is the first step to completing your education. Nursing school can be costly, and many students pursue nursing scholarships or nursing grants to provide funding for their programs. No matter what level of nursing school are you are interested in completing, there are a variety of nursing scholarships, nursing grants, and nursing financial aid options available. Nurses are in high demand and the industry forecast continues to look promising; completing your nursing degree and education is the first step towards a lucrative and rewarding career.

Finding Nursing Scholarships

Finding the necessary funds for your nursing degree can be daunting, but there are a variety of nursing scholarships available. Finding and applying for different nursing scholarships as early in your educational career is your best option. Application deadlines and the selection process for different nursing scholarships vary by region, state, and school; you will need to review all materials well in advance and can work on gathering all of your application materials as early as the senior year of high school.

You will find a varied selection of nursing scholarship available through medical schools, colleges, and universities. However, these are often limited to graduate students and some may not cover all tuition costs. In these cases, nursing financial aid may offer an additional option.

Finding nursing scholarships online may be another opportunity to track down the funding you need. Starting or continuing your nursing career is entirely possible by searching and reviewing scholarships listed in online databases. Online databases for nursing scholarships can be especially effective in matching you up to a scholarship you have a chance of actually receiving; the search engines are designed to filter out nursing scholarships based on grade level, ethnicity, and even grade point average. This can help save a considerable amount of time in finding the right fit for you and your situation.

Contacting each of your prospective medical colleges and universities you are applying to is another way to learn about nursing scholarships that are state-based. If you are applying to nursing school out of state, there may be additional opportunities available for non-residents or even international students. Learning about nursing scholarships during the time of your application is your opportunity to secure your financing options well in advance.

Getting a Nursing Scholarship: What You Need to Know

Getting a nursing scholarship often involves a comprehensive review and interview process, and you may be asked to supply references and sample essays. The first step in getting a nursing scholarship is to research all of the scholarships that are applicable to you; this can take up to six months of diligent researching, and you can start with online databases. You will need to review all scholarships' requirements, and organize them by deadline and due dates. A nursing scholarship may not allow you to apply until you are enrolled, and you will need to plan accordingly.

In some cases you may need to prepare a portfolio that includes reference letters or sponsors. You will need to locate former professors, work-study colleagues, or even former employers who can draft a formal letter of recommendation for you to pursue your continuing education. It is important to contact potential references far in advance, and you can ask for multiple copies to make your nursing scholarship process easier.

If you are asked to submit a written essay or project sample, set aside enough time to make sure you are meeting all requirements and have a mentor or writing consultant critique your work. Editing your final submission can help ensure that you have met all the requests of the assignment.

After submitting your nursing scholarship application, you will want to follow up with organization to ensure that they have received it. You can do this via e-mail or a formal letter, but it is an important step to confirm that all nursing scholarship materials were received on time.

Nursing Grants and Applying for Nursing Financial Aid

Many schools and universities participate in national nursing grant awards programs. These are nationally recognized institutions that are committed to furthering education for nursing students and professionals. Finding out which nursing grants are available through your prospective school is possible by contacting the admissions office each semester; nursing grants are often listed on school bulletin boards and financial aid offices.

Nursing financial aid is another option if you do not receive funding from nursing scholarships or nursing grants. Nursing financial aid can cover tuition costs, books, and other related expenses for each semester of study. You will need to keep track of application deadlines when applying for nursing financial aid, and in some cases, cannot be admitted to a nursing school program without proof of satisfactory funding.

Getting a Nursing Grant: What You Need to Know

A nursing grant is designed to offer funding for research and continuing education for registered nurses. Many are only offered to nursing students who are pursuing a Masters Degree or doctorate studies. A nursing grant may be offered by a nonprofit organization with specific requirements for the recipient after completing their course of study.

Resources for Finding Nursing Scholarships

The average cost for a four-year nursing program is $4,500 per year, and considerably less in community colleges that offer two-year programs. Whether you are a returning nursing student, a new student, or a nursing professional looking to further their nursing education, finding nursing scholarships can be a valuable way to continue your education. Nursing scholarships and nursing grants can help relieve the burden of financing nursing school, but it is important to follow all application procedures and deadlines. The following nursing scholarships and nursing financial aid sources are available for eligible nursing students:

FastWeb http://www.fastweb.com: a scholarship search engine that can match you up to a nursing scholarship based on specific criteria

National Student Nurses' Association (NSNA) http://www.nsna.org/ a nationally recognized organization that grants nursing scholarships and nursing grants in excess of $1,000 per eligible student

Nurse Options USA http://www.nurseoptions.com/studentinfo.htm: a healthcare sourcing service that offers nursing scholarships to any registered nurse student in their final 6 months of study

Department of Health and Human Services http://bhpr.hrsa.gov/dsa/pages/nu.htm#anchor1039973: offers the Nursing Student Loan program as an alternative to scholarships and grants. This program does require repayment, but offers long-term and low-interest rate loans for eligible nursing students

The Patricia Smith Christensen Scholarship http://www.nursingsociety.org/career/pchristn.html: offers a nursing scholarship to graduate nursing students who are currently registered and carry a license. Preference is given to Canadian residents, but all applications are considered

National League of Nursing http://www.nln.org/aboutnln/grants.htm: a nursing organization that offers funding through nursing grants for students interested in pursuing a nursing education and research. Over $40,000 in funds are available.

CollegeFunds.net http://www.collegefunds.net/: a scholarship database that can help locate nursing scholarships and nursing grants based on specific eligibility requirements


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