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Online Master Degree Program: Distance Learning Master Degree Online

Moving towards a management position in your career may require additional training and education, and earning your master's degree online can open up multiple opportunities. An online master degree program allows you to grow and specialize within your industry, and depending on the field of study, can help you earn a much higher salary than holding a bachelor's degree. Career advancement is just one benefit after completing a master degree education online. Not only will you have a chance to compete for a higher-paying job, but you can secure your educational future to pursue doctoral studies or further training. Since an online master degree program is delivered over the internet, you will have the flexibility to work and study at your own pace.

Is A Distance Learning Master Degree Program A Good Fit?

A distance learning master degree program is very different from campus-based learning, and will require a strong commitment to learn independently, as well as balancing a fast-paced schedule. Many online masters degree programs are offered at an accelerated pace, making it easy to complete your distance education master program within months. Combined with work experience and continuous study, a distance learning master degree program can be a valuable addition to your educational career goals.

Learning to work independently is a big part of a distance education master program, and you will be responsible for regular communication with professors and classmates. Since all of the curriculum is delivered over the internet, it also helps to have a strong and consistent internet connection, along with the necessary software and an up-to-date computer. A master degree online program offers an innovative curriculum and new set of standards for master's studies and continuing education.

Pursuing a masters degree education online offers you a chance to complete a course of study while you work at a job, or if you have family commitments that do not allow you to attend a campus on a regular basis. A distance learning master degree program is a good fit for:

  • Full-time professionals who wish to increase their chances of career growth
  • Stay at home moms interested in furthering their education
  • Recent graduates with bachelor's degrees who hope to move to a different state or location
  • Retirees or returning adult students interested in increasing their knowledge and education

Types of Online Master Degree Programs Available

An online master degree program is a specialized form of education that allows you to focus on one area to increase skills and knowledge. There are two types of master's degree programs available through most colleges and universities:

  • Master of Arts (MA) which specializes in the social sciences, business, and some health industries
  • Master of Science (MS) which specializes in the sciences and other professional training programs

Both of these require 30 semester hours of graduate credits that can be completed in 30-60 hours. With a master degree online program, this equates to approximately 1-2 years of study, but it may take up to four years if credits in the master degree program online are not completed on a full-time basis.

The most common courses of study for online masters degree and distance education master degree programs include:

  • Master of Arts in Education
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Master of Science in Computer Information Systems
  • Master of Science in Nursing
  • Master of Arts in Organizational Management
  • Master of Public Administration
  • Master of Science in Psychology

What Are The Benefits Of A Master Degree Education Online?

Pursuing a masters degree education online offers multiple benefits for students and researchers, and can help you find a balance between work and study life. Since an online masters degree program can be more extensive than a standard degree program, it is important to stay ahead of assignments and learn effective time management skills. As a result, you can enjoy the freedom and specialized form of study that an online master's program offers. A few benefits of a distance education master degree include:

  • The ability to work full-time will continuing your online master degree course of study

  • Taking part in online presentations, teleconferences, and seminars

  • Collaborating with students around the world who are enrolled in the same program

  • Networking with professors and experts in your industry via e-mail and teleconferencing

  • Picking up key technology and internet research skills that are not applicable in a classroom environment

  • Self-paced and independent learning environment

How Can A Distance Education Master Degree Help My Career?

Career advancement is the primary reason many students pursue ongoing education after a bachelor's degree, and a distance education master degree program can help your career in a variety of ways. Completing an online master's degree will help you apply for managerial positions, take on additional responsibilities, and may even lead to doctoral studies.

A distance education master program will help you develop key skills in communications, leadership, and professional coaching at the executive level. These are areas that can help you develop into a long-term career in your chosen industry. An online master's program can be a combination of research-based programs and solely course-based programs.

With a distance education master program, you will have the freedom to finish the course of education at your own pace, and explore various career options with your employer as you complete each semester.

How is a Distance Education Master Program or Online Masters Degree Accredited?

An accredited online masters degree is important for determining the credibility and value of your education. The majority of colleges and universities are accredited by a minimum of one accrediting agency, but an online format should be accredited by at least two. It is best to ask about accreditation before sending in the application and admissions fees, as these are generally non-refundable. Contact the admissions office for accreditation statistics and history; in most cases, an online campus will be accredited by one of the six regional accreditation boards and/or the Distance Education Training Council (DETC).

Accreditation ensures that the school and program has met specific standards and criteria; in turn, your employer or prospective schools can affirm that you have received the appropriate education should you choose to continue.

What Are Some Key Reasons People Choose An Online Master's Program?

A masters degree online offers students a fast-paced and technology-focused form of study. You can find a variety of programs that include a masters degree education online, and these can help you gain a comprehensive understanding of a specific field. A masters degree online offers many advantages over a campus-based program, including:

  • Collaborating with professionals and experts from around the country
  • Picking up key technology skills as you learn
  • Learning in an accelerated format, on your own time
  • Pursuing specializations that may not be offered in an offline campus
  • Studying at your own pace and collaborating with your instructor when needed

With a distance education master program, you will also have the chance to pursues a technology-oriented specialization that has a higher value when earned online. These specializations include e-commerce, international business, and information technology.

What Additional Information Do I Need To Know To Pursue A Master Degree Online Or Distance Education Master Degree Program?

When you are considering a master degree online or distance education master degree program, here are some tips for success:

1. Learn how to use online software, technology, and conduct web research. These are all basic skills needed for online master's program curriculums, and you will have a higher chance of success when you are comfortable and proficient with the tools available.

2. Keep track of your progress. Whether you are communicating with your professor, or simply referring to your grade book online, making sure you are on track and up-to-date with assignments is helpful in managing your workload.

3. Take regular and comprehensive notes. Note taking is a skill, and even though much of your time will be spent on the computer, it's a good idea to take ‘physical' notes as you review lectures and presentations. You can always type these up for reference at a later date, and they will help you study for offline examinations and tests.

4. Learn to participate constructively on discussion forums. You may need to work on research projects and group assignments on a regular basis, and using discussion forums as a platform for your communications will help you succeed.

5. Keep track of your assignments. Most distance learning master degree instructors will publish due dates and assignments at the beginning of the semester. It is in your best interest to plot out a calendar as soon as you can so that you can keep up and submit all projects on time.


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