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Online Theology Degree: Theology Schools, Online Theology Courses, and Master, Doctorate and Bachelor Degree in Theology

Theology is the study of religion, ministry, divinity, and biblical history. A theologian learns about various historical, political, and cultural events that have made an impact on people and culture, and what each of these events has taught society. A theology degree is generally comprised of a range of courses in religious studies, philosophy, sociology, and religious scripture. Students attending theology schools study both Western and Eastern religions in-depth, and may proceed into fields of religious education, certification in Christianity practice, managing a church, or taking part in ministerial leadership. An increasing number of students are choosing complete their theology degree online as this offers more flexibility and new opportunities to learn in an innovative environment.

Why Pursue an Online Theology Degree?

An online theology degree offers many of the same courses, classes, and curriculum as a program available at theology schools and campuses, except students are required to conduct research and communicate with classmates over the internet. Online degrees are becoming increasingly popular as more people are balancing a professional career with continuing education. Students may choose to complete a bachelor degree in theology, master degree in theology, or doctorate in theology with the various online theology degree programs available. Online theology degrees allow students to learn basic ministerial skills, an understanding of theological foundations, and sound knowledge of theology and practice of religion. Online theology courses are designed for accelerated learning, and provide students an opportunity to network and collaborate with professors, classmates, and even ministers on various projects. An online theology degree program also makes it simple to attend theology school on the student’s own schedule. Online theology courses are designed for web-based delivery, making use of internet platforms for presentations where students can download lectures, watch videos, and obtain their class materials with ease. Students learn key networking and communication skills in the online educational setting, and can apply these skills in a variety of fields after obtaining their theology degree. Online theology degrees are a flexible and convenient opportunity to complete an in-depth education in religious studies.

Theology School and Completing a Theology Degree

Theology schools provide students with a solid understanding of religion, ministry, divinity, and other fields in humanities and history. A theology degree falls under the arts and humanities category, and a theology school provides ministry training, Christian studies, and many interdisciplinary subjects to provide a well-balanced education. An online theology degree makes it easy for students to obtain the necessary training and skills they need for a successful career. A bachelor degree in theology for Christian studies covers in-depth topics such as relating the Bible to everyday life, and understanding the study of Scripture. Students who pursue a bachelor degree in theology learn how to gain wisdom from God, present the Bible and teach to others, and prepare for Christian service and leadership. Related degree programs include Biblical Studies, Christian Counseling, Divine Healing, and Prophetic Ministry. A master degree in theology helps students learn to teach and share the Word of God, and turn to scripture and theological texts for research and further study. A doctorate in theology equips students with in-depth knowledge and continuing education in the field of theology, scripture, religious teaching, and spiritual experiences. A theology degree is not limited to Christian studies; the theological sector includes priests, rabbis, pastors, deacons, missionaries, and music leaders. Both offline and online theology degrees allow students to explore a variety of subjects and fields of interest.

Courses and Programs Available with a Theology Degree Online

Students who choose to complete a theology degree online have a chance to engage in an innovative learning environment. From learning about Christian culture to prayer, students can complete coursework and take part in discussions with a large group of students around the world. Online theology courses may include classes such as:

  • Foundational Experiences
  • Praying and Fasting
  • The Names and Attributes of God
  • Leadership-Servanthood in the Church
  • Communion with God
  • Anointed Preaching
  • The Bible and Contemporary Issues
  • Law and the Spirit

Career and Employment Prospect with a Theology Degree

Theology schools can prepare students for a variety of positions in nonprofit organizations, social service agencies, hospitals, retreat/spiritual centers, and churches. A master degree in theology is required for most pastoral and parish director positions, while a doctorate in theology is best applied towards teaching and director of social services positions. A bachelor degree in theology helps students enter the field as professional adult educators in parishes, religious education aides, and basic ministry. Certification allows students to deepen their knowledge of history, the practice of religion, and religious expressions. Students of a theology school may choose a specialization in their field to serve as pastors, educators, priests, and ministers in their community. The National Federation of Priests’ Council reported a salary range of $15,291-$18,478 per year in 2002. Salaries vary by community and also depend on the experience and education of the individual.


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