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Dog Grooming Schools: Pet Grooming School, Dog Grooming Career, Courses and Training

Anyone who enjoys working with dogs and other pets may be interested in pursuing a career is a professional pet groomer. Pet grooming can be a very rewarding career that involves taking caring of different types of animals by giving them a bath, giving the pet a haircut, and preparing dogs and other pets for a competition by clipping their nails and brushing their hair. In order to become a professional pet groomer, candidates will need to complete training at a professional pet grooming school and gain experience by working in a pet grooming center or other animal care facility. A dog grooming career can lead to a variety of opportunities for traveling to shows, building a business and meeting new people; a groomer may also be able to build his or her skills in order to maintain a steady client list for their own pet grooming salon.

What is a Pet Grooming School?

Pet grooming school allows prospective pet groomers to learn the key techniques and skills needed for a successful career as a pet groomer. Pet grooming schools and academies may offer accelerated programs that can be completed in less than twelve weeks or even completed online. On-site pet grooming academies provide the hands-on experience and guided training needed to learn the basic skills, concepts and training for a successful dog grooming career or becoming a professional pet caretaker.

Dog grooming schools offer specialized training classes in pet care and pet management, and may offer classes in caring for rare breeds of dogs and education for preparing dogs for competitive events. Dog grooming schools incorporate the standard pet care curriculum into the class itinerary, and some may offers students a chance to gain experience while working in a dog grooming salon.

Dog Grooming Career Options

Pet groomers are in high demand as more pet owners look for professional care and maintenance for their pet's health and well-being. Pet groomers can find work in a variety of fields including inside a pet shop, with a kennel operator, or even working with pet training schools and trainers. Dog groomers and pet professionals can explore a variety of career options within their field, including:

  • Working at expos for conventions and pet competitions

  • Creating their own pet grooming salon

  • Working with kennel operators and trainers

  • Offering pet grooming services within a pet store

  • Working in an animal hospital

  • Offering services through a pet boutique

Some pet groomers prefer to work as independent contractors and offer services to select clients, while others work as employees of a pet grooming salon.

Dog Grooming Courses and Educational Programs

Individuals interested in attending dog grooming schools or becoming trained in pet grooming do not need a formal degree to get started, but any classes completed in the areas of public relations, communications and customer service can help the individual excel in their career. Many pet grooming salons offer their own formalized pet grooming training, allowing individuals to learn the basic skills and proper handling procedures for managing different types of pets.

Dog grooming courses and pet/animal education may include:

  • First Aid and CPR for Dogs and Pets

  • Understanding and Taking Care of a Cat

  • Understanding and Taking Care of a Horse

  • Understanding and Taking Care of a Dog

  • Form and Function of Dogs as Pets

  • Grooming Basics for Pets

  • Styling Basics for Dogs and Cats

  • Salon Training for Dogs and Cats

  • Bathing Systems

  • Nail Trimming and Sanitation

  • Using Air Dryers

  • Handling and Holding Techniques for Grooming

  • Rare Breed Grooming

  • Protocol for Handling Tools and Equipment

Pet Grooming Training - Costs and Financing Options

Tuition for pet grooming training programs can be broken down by class or credit hour, and some pet grooming courses are available online. Students may elect to obtain a personal loan, apply for financial aid or pay for their credit fees out-of-pocket. A pet grooming school typically offers its own diploma or certification program, and these will vary by state and region. Dog grooming training programs offered by independent training institutions or academies may also have their own fee schedule and payment options.

Where to Pursue Dog Grooming Training

Pet and dog grooming training academies provide hands-on training opportunities, professional internship programs and career opportunities after completing training for any candidates interested in making a career out of pet grooming. Experienced pet groomers often host seminars or classes in metro cities, and attending these events can be a valuable first step for any prospective pet groomer. Joining a local groomer's association is another option for prospective dog groomers or pet care professionals; these groups can provide training and education for a variety of disciplines and help build up the skill set needed for a successful career in the industry.

Online pet grooming and training courses can supplement an existing training program, or provide comprehensive training for certification or a diploma.

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Dog Grooming Schools: Pet Grooming School, Dog Grooming Career, Courses and Training