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Real Estate Training: Real Estate Courses and Classes, Real Estate Career and Online Real Estate School

Real estate training is an essential step towards a successful real estate career, and a number of real estate schools around the country offer a variety of programs and classes that specialize in the industry. Real estate school allows students to gain the skills, knowledge and certification needed to obtain their real estate license, but becoming a real estate agent is not the only option in this competitive field. Property managers, escrow officers, home appraisers, and real estate brokers are other career options available for those who complete a real estate training program, and students may also obtain their credentials and experience by attending an online real estate school.

Why Pursue a Real Estate Career?

A real estate career can be both rewarding and lucrative. Thousands of homebuyers around the world work with professional real estate agents, brokers and experts, turning to them for advice and recommendations about various properties in their area. Real estate professionals can enjoy a flexible schedule, the freedom to start their own businesses, and take part in a variety of local and national professional development programs. Successful people in real estate can work in their community of choice, and work in a range of positions such as property management, land and estate acquisition, or simply serving as an appraiser for properties within a given area. Real estate training prepares students of all ages and backgrounds with the tools, skills, and knowledge they need for success.

Options with a Real Estate Career

Most people enter the real estate field as a sales trainee where they are paired with a mentor or other real estate professional. This allows them to gain real-world experience as they grow within their career, and a real estate organization may also provide increased learning opportunities and career advancement. Formal education is available through the National Association of Realtors and its affiliates, and these real estate classes help students increase their knowledge, skills, and hands-on experience.

Real estate career options include:

  • Residential brokerage
  • Commercial, industrial, and office brokerage
  • Farm and land brokerage
  • Real estate appraising
  • Property management
  • Land development
  • Urban planning
  • Real estate counseling
  • Real estate research
  • Real estate marketing or office administration
  • Real estate sales
  • Title company work
  • Real estate advisor or consultant
  • Home inspector

Real estate schools help students prepare for any field of interest, and many offer continuing education programs for students interested in pursuing a lifelong career in the field.

Enrolling in Real Estate Training

Real estate training provides the foundation of knowledge for a successful real estate career. Enrolling in real estate training is mandatory in every state, and students can obtain certification and licensure after completing coursework and passing an exam. Many colleges and universities offer real estate certification classes, but real estate training may also be completed at a real estate school. In some cases, a realty company or corporation may sponsor a student to attend real estate school, giving them an opportunity to work with other professionals in the industry. With today's technology and innovative web-based platforms, an online real estate school is another option. This is ideal for students who may already be working and wish to pursue a real estate career part time to start. Online real estate course programs are designed for the working professional, stay at home parent, or anyone who cannot attend a formal campus or classroom setting. Online real estate course programs are just as valuable as a campus-based program, and many real estate career professionals can enroll in a variety of professional development courses to enhance further their knowledge and skills.

What to Expect at Real Estate School

Enrolling in real estate school is the first step in receiving a quality education in the field, and students can earn the credentials and licensure needed after a few short months. An online real estate school offers a valuable alternative to attendance in a formal classroom setting, and students can complete coursework in under a year. Real estate training offered at a formal real estate school, or through a college or university, requires diligent coursework completion and focused study. Students are expected to memorize a variety of definitions and principles, and learn how to apply key marketing and sales principles within their career of choice.

Online Real Estate Course Options

Online real estate course options are an attractive proposition for students who wish to complete their education from a distance. An online real estate class offers the same curriculum and courses as a campus-based program, except all materials are delivered and coordinated over the internet. Students can work on assignments, projects, and even examinations through web-based platforms, and take each class on their own time. Many real estate organizations and companies pay for online real estate school so that their employees can receive a quality education while working full or part-time.

Real Estate Course Programs and Classes

Real estate courses may be divided into an accelerated learning program, or taken at a student's own pace from a distance. Online real estate course programs are designed with tests, examinations, and discussion forums so that students can keep up with course requirements from any location in the world. This flexible format is very attractive for those who are juggling another job or simply do not have the time to attend a formal real estate school in their area. Real estate courses offered at a college or university often include classes such as:

  • Real Estate Sales
  • Broker Licensing
  • State Exam Preparation
  • Real Estate License Renewal
  • Real Estate Law
  • Real Estate Finance
  • Real Estate Contracts
  • Real Estate Principles and Practice
  • Marketing and Building a Real Estate Practice

Real estate course programs include practice examinations and tests to help students prepare for the national and state examinations. Students interested in opening their own real estate practice can also take courses in business and marketing to supplement their education.


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