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Scholarships and Grants for Beauty School

If you are interested in a career as a cosmetologist, professional makeup artist or beauty professional, you will need to complete formal training at a cosmetology school, beauty school or barbering school. Since the cost can be high, many students pay for their education with the help of cosmetology scholarships and financial aid. Beauty scholarships cover the costs of tuition and some will also pay for the costs of supplies and tools needed for various courses. Getting a scholarship can reduce the stress of paying for school and open up a wealth of opportunities for dedicated students.

How Cosmetology Scholarships Work

A cosmetology scholarship pays for the cost of classes, books, supplies, materials and tools a student needs to successfully complete the program. Some scholarships pay only for a portion of the program, while others cover the cost of the entire term. Beauty scholarships are awarded for a number of reasons and by several different institutes and organizations.

Some are merit-based while others are based on need. Some salons, spas and other beauty businesses offer their own beauty school grants and may extend a job offer to the recipient upon graduation.

The different types of scholarships available include:

  • Beauty scholarships based on merit
  • Cosmetology scholarships based on need
  • Cosmetology scholarships and grants based on ethnicity, religion or national origin
  • Institutional cosmetology school scholarships
  • General cosmetology grants or beauty scholarships awarded by private organizations

Types of Beauty School Scholarships

Many scholarships are available directly through different cosmetology schools and beauty schools, but a number of private organizations also offer them. You can apply for the following to finance your cosmetology education:

  • Fred Luster, Sr. Education Foundation Cosmetology Scholarship
  • The Joe Francis Haircare Scholarship Foundation
  • Sally Scholarship Program
  • Xenon Foundation Star Search Scholarships
  • Cosmetologists Chicago's Presidents Scholarship
  • NCEA Scholarship

Many schools are looking for individuals who are committed to excelling in their careers and provide funding to those who want to advance in their career with additional training programs, or by attending a training institute. Students who can prove that they have special skills and talents may be eligible for certain beauty school scholarships based on merit alone.

Applying for a Scholarship

The first step when applying for a scholarship is to secure a seat at a professional beauty school or training institute. Many scholarships require students to show proof of enrollment as part of their application. The next step is to complete the formal application and include references from instructors and beauty professionals the student may have worked with.

Some scholarships require a student to submit a portfolio or pictures of work they have done. These supporting materials are usually required by awarding organizations that are offering grants at the advanced level. Some of these are linked to work-study programs and professional training opportunities.

Students who are interested in beauty careers related to skincare product development and the science or chemistry behind certain skin and hair care products may also be eligible for specialized types of grants. Training and research institutes around the country offer different types of financial assistance opportunities for students who wish to specialize in various beauty careers. Some cosmetology students may be eligible to receive funding for corporate sponsors or skincare and beauty brands.

Getting Cosmetology Grants

Students who are not eligible for certain types of scholarships may be able to apply for grants. Cosmetology grants are typically awarded to students who are majoring in cosmetology and have proven that they have certain skills and talents that will help them excel in their careers.

These grants are offered by national organizations such as the American Association of Cosmetology as well as smaller organizations that want to support students who are pursuing beauty careers. The Joe Francis Haircare Scholarship Program and the American Cosmetology Education Association are two other organizations that offer grants.


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