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Majoring in Classical Studies

The field of classical studies covers a wide range of courses and topics for the study of ancient civilizations in Europe. Many colleges and universities offer liberal arts programs that cover the philosophy, political science, drama and history of the Greek and Roman empires. Classical studies courses are typically a part of the classical arts program at a college or university, and students may have the opportunity to travel to some influential capitals including St. Petersburg, Paris, London and Berlin.

Classical Arts Studies Programs

Classical arts studies programs go beyond the study of ancient history to cover subjects including poetry, women's studies, comedy, architecture and oratory studies.These programs are typically a part of a modern liberal arts program and may include an internship opportunity in a foreign country. Most courses consist of seminars and lectures, presentations and workshops. The program prepares students for a career in the field of law, publishing, museum work, archaeology, ancient art and languages.

Many of the ancient theories and philosophies of Socrates, Cicero and Plato can be applied to modern day problems. Programs in this field provide students with in-depth insights on the evolvement of philosophy and arts over the ages. A classical studies degree program is designed to explore religion, mythology, literature, philosophy and ancient history and its effects on modern society.

Some colleges and universities offer studies in Latin or Greek concentrations and require students to focus on a particular aspect of language arts, ancient art, philosophy, religion and ancient studies.

The general requirements for students include courses in:

  • Latin or Greek
  • Classical Mythology
  • Roman History
  • Greek History
  • Greek Art and Archaeology
  • Classical Greek Literature
  • Studies of the Athenian Empire
  • Study of Greek Tragedies

Types of Classical Arts Courses

Some of the most common types of courses include:

  • Greek Oratory
  • Greek Tragedy
  • Elementary or Intermediate Latin
  • Greek Prose
  • Greek Comedy
  • Roman Culture
  • Roman Law
  • Classical Drama
  • Comparative Mythology
  • Classical Art and Archaeology
  • The Golden Age of Athens

Students who have a strong background in humanities and studying languages have the highest chances of success in completing a classical arts program.

Careers with a Classical Studies Major

Students can explore a number of career opportunities in fields including:

  • History
  • Geography
  • Anthropology
  • Archeology
  • Political Science
  • Sociology

Students who pursue a classical studies major can receive specialized training in areas such as business management, education or statistics and mathematics to explore a career as a business advisor, administrative aide, classical studies teacher, or find work as a social scientist.

Professionals who have extensive training in research and conducting interviews can explore a number of specialized courses to serve as an:

  • Anthropologist for a nonprofit organization
  • Sociologist for a consulting firm
  • Policy research specialist for a social service agency
  • Product development professional for an advertising agency
  • Geographer for a government institution
  • Advisor for a telecommunications firm
  • Historian to conduct policy research

Degree Programs

Students that wish to pursue an associate's degree, undergraduate degree or master's degree in the field of classical studies can attend either a traditional college or university, or complete their education online. Students interested in teaching or research in the field can pursue an advanced degree at the master's or doctoral level. Advanced degree programs require students to conduct independent in-depth research and build on their Greek and Latin language skills.

Colleges and universities that offer online degree programs allow students to complete their degree from a distance, or take courses at their own pace. Online degree programs may offer more flexibility for students who are stay at home parents, or for those that do not live near a college or university that offers a program for the study of classical arts.

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