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Travel School: Travel Agent Schools Online, Travel Agency School

Travel school can prepare students for a rewarding career in the travel and tourism industry, and travel agent school training programs offer many opportunities for ongoing education. Obtaining experience and knowledge with travel agent schools online is another option for many prospective travel agents. Travel agents help provide guidance and direction for travelers, and are often involved with selling tickets and packages, making reservations, and coordinating flights. Students who attend travel agency school can also learn various computer programs and databases used in the industry.

Job Description and Responsibilities of Travel Agent School Graduates

Travel agency school provides students with hands-on training and skills to be successful travel agents. Most travel agents are responsible for:

  • Working with a variety of customers and clientele
  • Searching and booking vacation packages
  • Locating travel and flight details
  • Making arrangements for hotel accommodations and transportation
  • Providing information on custom regulations and learning about required papers
  • Understanding exchange rates
  • Using computer-based sources to find departure and arrival information
  • Making recommendations for hotels, restaurants, and resorts
  • Using telemarketing and direct sales methods
  • Using the internet to find low-cost fares and competitive rates

Travel agents work year round, and can be especially busy during vacation season and peak holiday periods. Many travel agents are self-employed and work from home.

Career Options After Travel Agency School

Students of a travel agency school can pursue a career as a:

  • Travel counselor
  • Travel advisor
  • Corporate travel agent
  • Travel planner
  • Itinerary manager
  • Receptionist at a travel agency
  • Travel Director
  • Independent travel agent
  • Travel and Tourism Specialist

Travel Agent School Courses and Training Programs

Travel agent school courses and training programs are available through many community and technical colleges throughout the country. Travel school courses focus on geography, hospitality procedures, and computer-based database management. Travel agent schools online offer the added benefit of communicating with instructors and industry professionals throughout the course.

The standard travel agent school program includes courses such as:

  • Tour and Vacation Packages
  • Key Tourist Destinations Around the World
  • Using Computerized Reservations Systems (CRS)
  • How to Start a Travel Agency Business
  • Travel Career Certification
  • Booking Cruises
  • How to Be a Homebased Travel Agent
  • Intro to Tourism Operations
  • Tourism Sales & Marketing
  • Tour Planning
  • Ecotourism
  • Geography

Although certification is not required, 13 states do require some form of retail registration and certification for selling travel services. These can be obtained by contacting the Department of Commerce in each State.

Travel Agent Schools Online

Travel agent schools online offer the flexibility and convenience of obtaining an education from home. Distance learning is becoming a valuable opportunity for many students interested in travel school, and can offer additional benefits for learning online travel and marketing principles.

Travel School Accreditation

Each travel agency school program is accredited by the Commission on Higher Education or regional accrediting body. Travel agent schools online may be accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology.

Travel School Graduates Earning Potential and Employment Prospects

The employment of travel agents is expected to decline through 2014, as more people turn to self-booking options through the internet. Although many travel agents work from home, fewer jobs are available through a formal travel agency. Travel agents who specialize in Internet sales and marketing will have the most benefits for creating a business or developing a career.

In addition to the internet, many other factors are having an impact on the travel and tourism industry. Spending on tourism and travel is expected to increase as more people see a rise in disposable income. However, terrorism threats and a recession in general travel business is expected to be ongoing. Still, reduced costs in airfares and travel packages available through travel agent sales programs can help encourage the industry.

In addition, a travel agent school will also compete with self-learning students who choose travel agent schools online as resource for obtaining their education.

As the entertainment, communications, and broadcast industry continues to grow, the demand for skilled video production professionals is also increasing. The majority of workers in the field can be found as audio and video equipment technicians, while many video productions school graduates choose to pursue a career as a producer or freelance video editor.

Median annual earnings of travel agents were $27,640 and this amount varies depending on the size and location of the agency, as well as the sales ability of the travel agent. Salaried travel agents can enjoy the benefits of low cost travel, and visit many vacation sites at a discount. Related occupations include:

  • Travel guides

  • Tour guides

  • Tour supervisors

  • Reservationists

  • Transportation attendants

  • Travel consultants

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