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Learn Web Design: Web Design Schools, Web Design Training

Learning web design can be a self-taught process, but a long-term career in web design is a preferred choice with training and courses through a formal web design school. Web designers can be involved with a variety of graphics and web development projects as the need for Internet web pages and technology skills is growing rapidly. In order to learn web design, a formal web design training program can be a valuable first step. Web design schools can provide students with the necessary training and hands-on experience to be successful. Web designers may be involved with managing multimedia files, creating dynamic content, coding HTML, and implementing attractive website layouts and designs. In order to learn web design, a web designer may also work with a webmaster while enrolling in a web design school for appropriate training. 

Job Description and Responsibilities of Web Design School Graduates

In order to learn web design, a student must obtain basic skills and techniques. Graduates of web design schools may be involved with a variety of job duties that require them to:

  • Solve complex internet and web problems
  • Administer processes and procedures for effective layouts
  • Understand basic programming language
  • Show creativity and technical skills in their work
  • Develop and work with various programming languages
  • Set up computer graphics databases
  • Design and implement quality websites and layouts
  • Learn about internet marketing and search engine principles

Career Options After Web Design School

Students of web design schools can choose to work in: 

  • Small businesses

  • Technology firms

  • Advertising and Marketing departments

  • Freelance

  • Healthcare industries

  • Network systems and data communication analyst positions

  • Computer specialist positions

  • Web search portal research positions

  • Web development

Web Design Training & Certification

In order to learn web design, many students pursue an Associate's degree or Bachelor's degree in Graphic Arts, Animation, or Media Communications. From there, they may choose to specialize in Internet-based subjects, and many internet engineering courses can help provide the foundation for web designer certification. Common web design school courses include:

  • Website Layout and Design
  • Understanding Javascript
  • Implementing Java Applets
  • Adding Dynamic Data and Content
  • Web Server Principles
  • Using Forms & Tables
  • Creating Web Graphics
  • How to Market a Website
  • Web Design Business Fundamentals
  • Fundamentals of HTML
  • Audio, Video, and Multimedia Integration

Degree programs and certificates vary by each of the web design schools, and these are available in a variety of formats. Each web design school determines the courses of study available, and most offer a Bachelor of Science or Associate of Science in Computer Technology Systems. Some web design schools offer an online program that provides flexibility to take courses remotely. Diplomas and certificates are also available. Receiving the appropriate web design training is an important part of developing a long-term career in the field.

Certificates are available for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels in each subject. Web design schools can offer certificates and degrees in:

  • Interactive Media Design
  • Multimedia and Web Design
  • Website Optimization
  • Search Engine Integration
  • Basic Web Design
  • Film & Television
  • Video Game Design
  • 3D/Animation/Multimedia

Accreditation of Web Design Schools

Web design schools are generally accredited by the same accreditation body of the Art or Technology Institute that offers the program. This may include the Commission of Higher Learning of the region, or other accrediting body.

Web Design School Graduates Earning Potential and Employment Prospects

Web design school graduates have an advantage over independently-educated web designers because of the formal training and hands-on experience they receive. Web design schools can better prepare students for employment in the highly competitive technology industry. Web designers can also choose to start their own business to bid on contracts for various projects. The development of new technologies and tools is making a career in web design a rapidly growing employment option. Average earnings for computer specialists were $59,480 in 2004, and design service specialization averaged $57,430. Beginning web designers typically earn between $40,000 and $150,000 depending on their skill level. Related occupations include:

  • Computer programming

  • Computer and Information Systems Managers

  • Systems Engineers

  • Graphic Artists

  • Computer Animation

  • Desktop Publishing



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