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Online Degrees and Certification in Christian Counseling

Individuals interested in working as a pastoral counselor, biblical teacher, theologian or biblical researcher can complete a Christian counseling degree program at an accredited college or university. Master degree programs are designed for students who already hold a bachelors degree and want to work as a licensed clinical pastoral counselor, teacher or obtain other higher-level positions. Christian counseling degree programs are available in both online and offline formats, and train students with classroom education, supervised counseling sessions and case study analysis.

Christian Counseling Degree Programs

Students interested in completing Christian counseling degree programs at the masters level can choose several types of licensing and certification educational tracks. Some students can choose to become a Certified Temperament Counselor or a Licensed Pastoral Counselor. Others may focus on getting a clinical license or completing a Christian counseling master degree program.

Those who successfully complete a degree program are fully trained to work with individuals one-on-one and solve personal problems using biblical theory and references. Christian counselors must provide services in an ethical manner and learn how to profile candidates, and apply Christian theology to resolve various matters.

Types of Christian Counseling Courses

Some of the different types of Christian counseling courses include:

  • Creation Therapy

  • Christian Psychology and Counseling

  • Old Testament Law

  • Old Testament History

  • Old Testament Poetry

  • Old Testament Prophecy

  • New Testament

  • MERE Methodology

  • Christian Theology

  • Christian Education

  • World Missions

Master degree programs typically include thesis, practicum and advanced courses in various subjects. Students may also enroll in the following courses when completing the program:

  • Psychology and Theology

  • Human Development

  • Marriage and Family Counseling

  • Crisis Counseling

  • Counseling Theories and Strategies

  • Group Dynamics

  • Addiction Counseling

  • Human Sexuality

  • Cross-Cultural Counseling

  • Ethics and Law

Getting a Masters in Christian Counseling

Master degree programs provide comprehensive training for students who want to become counselors, non-clergy clinical members, licensed pastoral counselors or simply get a basic Master of Arts degree in Clinical Christian Counseling. Some of the courses offered include:

  • Supervised Counseling Sessions

  • Counseling the Co-Dependent

  • Church History

  • Marital Counseling

  • Family and Relationship Counseling

Master degree programs are designed to prepare students for a very specialized form of ministry and ensure that they are equipped to work with individuals, couples and families within a church or church-related agency setting. Students who complete a degree program work with peer counselors and para-counselors to provide counseling services within their community and within their local congregation. They learn how to apply different principles, methods and strategies within a Christian counseling framework.

Students are trained to do the following after graduation:

  • Develop a personal philosophy of counseling

  • Promote awareness of the ministry of the Holy Spirit as it relates to counseling

  • Develop an understanding of methods of assessing and evaluating individual psychological functions

  • Use data collection, analysis and assessment methods to perform Christian Counseling evaluations

  • Develop research methods within a Christian context

  • Use Christian theological perspectives to promote an understanding of human nature and development

Distance Learning Programs

Students who cannot attend a college or university offering Christian counseling degree programs close to their home may be able to complete a distance learning program. Online and distance learning degree programs provide similar curriculum and training as regular Christian counseling degree programs, but the student will need to attend lectures and complete coursework over the web. Distance learning programs may also include supervised counseling sessions at a local church or affiliated organization. Course requirements for these types of programs vary significantly by school.

Taking a Christian counseling course online can offer a number of benefits for students who need some flexibility in their schedule or want to complete their degree or certification program at their own pace.

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Online Degrees and Certification in Christian Counseling



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