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Photography Training Courses: Photography Schools for Photography Degree

Photography is considered an art, but is also much more practical than most other art forms. There is a science to it. It involves integrating photography with technology and business. A good photography school will teach both the artistic and practical aspects of photography.

What You Can Do After Graduating From Photography School


Photography school will prepare you for almost any of the many careers available in photography. It should teach you how to use different kinds of cameras, take aesthetically pleasing and clear photographs, and develop and distribute those images. Many photographers are self-employed, starting their own business upon completion of their photography courses. Some photography school graduates can choose to work for companies or under other photographers. Photography is an important tool in capturing a moment and documenting events, and there is a plethora of jobs available to a Photographer after photography school.

Jobs Available to Photography School Graduates

  • Photojournalist: Take pictures for publications such as newspapers and magazines.

  • Medical Photography: Photograph patients to help diagnose them. Photograph operations and surgeries to use for educational purposes and document medical progress.

  • Special Event Photography: Photograph events ranging from Bar Mitzvahs and weddings to family reunions.

  • Portrait Photography: Take pictures of families and people for special occasions, ID cards, or even for school pictures.

Photography Schools, Job Training, Courses and Education

No matter what kind of career you would like to have in the photography industry, there is a photography school for you. When choosing what photography school you would like to attend, there are a number of factors that the prospective photography school student needs to consider.

  • Do you want to study solely photography? Many art schools offer photography school programs where that is the only thing studied. Many photography schools, however, especially those attached to major universities, will allow you to take classes from other fields of study simultaneously.

  • Is the photography school accredited? The National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD) is the leading accreditation organization for photography schools. It is recognized by the US Board of Education. Ensuring a school is accredited will verify that it has a comprehensive photography curriculum and knowledgeable teaching staff.

  • Does the photography school offer the right photography program for you?  There are many different areas of study within photography schools. You can, for example, study digital photography, a growing field in today's computer age. Make sure the photography school has the program to suit your interests.

Photography is a field that is constantly growing and changing due to technology. Going to a good photography school will give you a huge advantage by teaching you advanced photographic techniques and how to adapt to work in an exciting, ever-changing industry.


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