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Automotive Mechanic Training Schools

A career as an automotive mechanic can open up many opportunities to a rewarding position in the automotive industry. Automotive mechanic school can prepare students with hands-on training and skills for working on cars, trucks, and other electronic equipment. Although auto mechanic training can be extensive, most students can find options at a trade school or auto mechanic college to gain the knowledge and experience they need for a successful career.

Automotive mechanic colleges can also prepare students by providing the latest technologies and electronic equipment for vehicle work. Students learn how to read and interpret car manuals, use computer-based machines, and receive hands-on training in a service shop setting. Auto body school is another option; it provides students with design and technical fundamentals in the areas of car repair, finishing, and touch-ups.


Job Description and Responsibilities of Auto Mechanic School Graduates

Graduates may be involved with a variety of positions and responsibilities. Depending on the level of training received, graduates are generally involved with:

  • Working on projects in a team environment
  • Training for specific automotive mechanic procedures
  • Working with computers and electronic equipment
  • Understanding automotive manuals and staying up to date on industry innovations
  • Fixing specific parts or processes of cars, trucks, and other automotive equipment
  • Diagnosing and solving mechanical problems

Auto Mechanic Career Options

Most automotive mechanic colleges and schools can prepare students with training for flexibility in their career choices. Mechanics may work in a variety of fields and areas, and may even choose to specialize in a particular area over time. Graduates may choose to become:

  • Automotive transmission mechanics who work with hydraulic pumps and auto transmission equipment
  • Tune-up mechanics who optimize engine performance
  • Automotive air-conditioning mechanics who repair and install compressors, air-conditioners, and other devices
  • Front-end mechanics who work with aligning and balancing wheels and suspension systems
  • Automotive-radiator mechanics who clean, install, and replace radiators
  • Transmission engineers, who work with large-scale vehicles and other automotive devices

Auto Mechanic Training Programs and Courses

While auto repair and body school focuses on the exterior of the car, auto mechanic colleges help provide a comprehensive education in the automotive field. An auto repair school offers specialized courses and training for both foreign and domestic engines. Auto mechanic training can focus on the repair, internal control systems, and finishing domestic and foreign automobiles. Common courses available may include:

  • Engine Analysis
  • Computerized Diagnostic Equipment Training
  • Hand-Held Scanners
  • Automobile Engine Overview
  • Fuel Injection Systems
  • Exhaust Systems Training
  • Integrated Electronic Systems
  • Auto Manufacturer History

Each auto manufacturer may also sponsor or offer an exclusive program for their particular brands. Some colleges and training programs offer this as an elective component of their curriculum, while other programs require courses in one to two specializations. These 2-year programs are offered at many auto mechanic tech schools and community colleges around the country.

An auto body school is a specialization, and the emphasis with training is on the construction and repair of the car body. Students who attend this type of school are often involved with:

  • Learning how to straighten a car body
  • Using new materials for various applications
  • Learning welding techniques and increasing knowledge about substrate preparation
  • Gaining skills in color matching and finishing technique
  • Understanding how new and old automobile construction materials are used and applied

Automotive Mechanic Colleges Accreditation

The National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF) certifies automobile mechanic training programs at the majority of trade schools, community colleges, and tech schools. Certification is available through the Institute of Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). Although certification is not mandatory for a career, it can provide additional employment opportunities beyond basic training.

Automotive Mechanic School Graduates Earning Potential and Employment Prospects

Attending a mechanic school offers many career opportunities, and employment prospects look promising. Automotive mechanic colleges provide ample training for a diverse range of career options, and many students can choose to specialize in a particular field to further their education, skill set, and experience.

Automotive electronics, engineering, and technology is an attractive skill set for many employers, and a mechanic who specializes in particular area can look forward to higher earning potential. Certification can also improve employment opportunities. Growth in employment is most evident in automobile dealerships, gasoline service stations, and gasoline car chains.

The median hourly wage for automotive mechanics and automotive service technicians was $11.31 per hour in 2004. Experienced technicians and mechanics may also earn more with commissions and supervisor positions. Related occupations include:

  • Automotive Body Repair Technician

  • Automotive Painter

  • Diesel Service Technician

  • Brake Repairer

  • Railcar Repair Tech

  • Automotive Service Advisor

  • Automotive Glass Installer

  • Farm Equipment Mechanic



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