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HR Training and Human Resources Certification

The human resources department of a business or corporation is responsible for hiring, firing, and career development of employees. Professional human resources managers take the steps to organize employee functions, ensure personnel and management standards are followed, adhere to national labor guidelines, and manage all staffing needs of the organization. They may also be involved with developing compensation, personnel, and benefits policies. A human resource degree provides managers with the training and experience they need to enjoy a rewarding career in the field.

Job Description and Responsibilities of a Human Resources Manager

After completing a degree program, a prospective manager may also enroll in a company's own HR training program. Human resource training provides managers with the skills and knowledge they need to:

  • Working within a human resources department
  • Create a cohesive human resources management team
  • Understanding staffing requirements of an organization
  • Screen applicants
  • Recruit and select new employees
  • Outline benefits and compensation
  • Develop employee orientation programs
  • Coordinate leadership and personnel development programs
  • Engage in training and development functions
  • Adhere to employee laws, regulations, and ensure compliance
  • Improve employee morale and productivity

Human Resources Management and Career Options

Comprehensive HR training provides the basis for many careers, but many managers may also choose to obtain certification during their career path. Common career options for those with a human resource degree include positions as:

  • Compensation specialists

  • Job analysts

  • Occupational analysts

  • Compensation managers

  • Employee benefits managers

  • Employee assistance plan managers

  • Training and development managers

  • Training specialists

  • Industrial relations directors

  • Labor relations managers

  • Staff mediators or conciliators

  • International human resources managers

  • Human resources information system specialists

While all of these positions can be obtained with a human resource degree, a long-term career in the field may require certification, ongoing training, and additional education.

Human Resources Training, Certification, and Qualifications

Human resource training is a combination of education and work experience, and a manager's educational background may also be in business, labor relations, or liberal arts. Many colleges and universities offer a degree in human resources or labor relations, and common areas of study include:

  • Training and development

  • Compensation and benefits

  • Organizational development

  • Communication

  • Public administration

  • Instructional technology

  • Human services

  • Education

  • Recruitment

  • Performance Appraisal

  • Principles of management

Courses that focus on sociology, labor laws, labor history, industrial psychology, and economics also provide a valuable education for human resources training. Some positions require a more technical approach to the subject, while others require a focus on interpersonal relations. An advanced degree is required for some senior level positions and a strong background in industrial relations, law, and negotiation is often required.

Specializations are a valuable asset for prospective managers, since these can offer additional opportunities for human resources careers. Many organizations offer their own training programs and classes for those interested in becoming more qualified in their position.

Human resources certification allows a professional to pursue more attractive positions along with specialized knowledge in a field. Certification is available through the American Society for Training & Developing Certification Institute, as well as the Society for Human Resource Management. Human resource management certificates at a professional level are also available. The Professional in Human Resources (HR) and Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) are two certification examinations that can be an asset for any position.

Pursuing a Human Resources Degree Online

An online program is another option for prospective managers. An online degree allows students to excel in the areas of coaching, training, development, and management. Business degrees that concentrate in the area give students a chance to select courses such as:

  • Evaluating organizational challenges

  • Management theory

  • Private sector HR policies

  • Legal frameworks for human resource management

  • Human resource management ethics

Compensation Potential and Employment Prospects for Human Resources Careers

Every business industry requires skilled and professional human resources managers in a variety of positions, and both the public and private sector offer attractive employment in the field. Overall employment for human resources careers is expected to grow faster than average through 2014, and those who are specialized in a particular field may achieve more attractive compensation pack gages. Job growth and a need for international human resources management may lead to a competitive job market. Employment prospects are especially attractive in consulting firms, financial institutions, management, and employment services that are looking for administration professionals.

Median annual earnings for human resources management careers were $81,810 in 2004. This varies depending on the type of position, work experience, and education. For example, the median annual earnings of recruitment and employment specialists were $41,190 in 2004 and $67,460 for training and development managers. Related occupations include:

  • Counselors

  • Social service assistants

  • Social workers

  • Public relations specialists

  • Education Administrators

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